July 03, 2011

july 2nd , 2011

Whats up everybody,

Today was pretty sweet day , it cooled off a little bit here in Missouri.  Made it a nice day to be outside , so i spent a lot of this afternoon playing outside with our two dogs .  Then i took an early jog because there was enough breeze to not burn up instantly .  I think this gave me a good start to the day , and i was ready to grind . 

At the tables today i played for about 5 1/2 hours and won a little over a buyin , a swingy day but ended up overall so i will take it .  The good part of the day came in playing the "lucky draw freeroll"  on Bodog.  It had about 280 runners with a seat to the Bodog 100k guarantee ($162 buyin) for every 5 entrants .  A 1/5 shot at a seat this big in a freeroll is pretty sweet so i was pumped for this tourney.  I was able to run good at the start of the tournament , and build a little cushion.  Down the stretch i couldnt win a pot anywhere and was super short when the exact bubble came .  I was 52 of 57 with 56 paying seats lol.  But i was able to hold on and sneak in and get my seat for the 100k.  The ticket is good for two weeks (really glad), so i wont be using it until next weekend as i have family obligations for celebrating the 4th of july.  I am really looking forward to playing a tournament this big again , its been a while :) .  Well guess thats about it for now !

GL all and see ya at the tables


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