March 12, 2011

Lost my first £10k pot :(

Played in a £5/10 no limit hold'em game at Dusk Till Dawn (Nottingham) tonight. The game was pretty big with a constant £20 straddle for last 5 hours of game, a regular £40 straddle and sometimes a £80 then £160 straddle!

I got off to a bad start and was down about £1.5k with a bit of a misread bluff....was right on flop and turn but didn't put him on backdoor flush on river!! I rebought for another £2k and worked a bit of a stack back up. Sam Trickett proceeded to sit down to my right....I proceed to get no hands for next 4hours of sam being at the table. He leaves and I work my stack up to a peak of £5.5k and hovering a little bellow that.

The Hand: It's 5 handed at this point with blinds of 5/10/20/40(me)/80 and the small blind is asleep. So we wake him up and he makes it £250 blind (he was stuck quite a bit for the night after running terribly with AA several times) I look down at 2h2d with a £4.9k stack. I raise to £800, everyone folds and he calls and covers his eyes and checks blind lol.....flop 8s8h7h, I bet £800, he looks and moves allin for £4.1k instantly....I do the maths and I'm getting 2:1 and make the call after about 1minute of thinking he has QhTh for ''thank god he doesn't have a pair but crap I only have 40% equity''. Turn Ks, river Qc........sigh

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March 08, 2011

Got the blog going again

Poker Roundup Since UKIPT Nottingham Since the UKIPT Nottingham poker has been pretty kind to me and I feel like I've played pretty well. I've played a reasonable amount online and a couple of live cash games.

Online: I have mostly been playing PLO and have been feeling confident about my game and pushing the stakes a bit with my luck running out at 25/50 :(

This year I've started getting into 2-7 Triple Draw and I'm currently up $1310.5 since UKIPT but am about -$1400 since I started playing the game. I really enjoy learning/playing all the games so I hope I can get into the black for this game.

I've played a small amount of stud when I played mixed games and am -$561.5 for that....I hate stud. It's tough to multitable and I don't seem to naturally take to it.

I've been having poor results in No-Limit Hold'em for quite a while now and have am -$493.5 for that and am -$672 for Omaha Hi/Lo.

For Limit Hold'em I'm $544.5 up which continues my good run in this game. I have only started playing it a bit more often in the last 3months and have enjoyed it and feel like I have a good edge at the $5/10 stake level.

Live: Have only played 2 sessions of live cash game with good results in each netting £1190 profit at the £2/5-5/10 stake levels. Again I managed to hit some strong hands and get paid off.

Am going to really focus on PLO for next few weeks and work in some Heads Up games to try and spin up some dough for WSOP in las vegas

Thanks for reading, Good Luck!!

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August 01, 2010

July roundup

So I made £3.8k for july and managed to play 90 hours which is a fairly lazy month and am fairly happy with the profit for the month. Have just downloaded starcraft 2 which is meant to be the same type of game as red alert/command and conquer which I loved, so could be a very unproductive August if i'm not carefull!

Am only going to be able to play for the 1st 1/2 of the month but hopefully I can run hot/work hard and still bust out some good figures!!

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July 26, 2010

Weekend of Live Cash games

Played in a £2/5 game on saturday night at dusk till dawn. It was regularly straddled to £10 and then it went from 7 people down to 3handed with Me, an online 10/20 reg (supposedly) and the owner of the club. We then kicked it up to £5/10 with regular straddles of £20 and then £40 lol. It's deff the biggest game I've played so far and was alot of fun. I lended up losing £700 which is not so fun but a pretty small amount to lose considering the stakes.

Then tonight I played £5/5 dealers choice and got into some interesting pots, made a pretty sick bluff in PLO 6card where I check/called flop+turn then check/jammed with the straight flush blocker when the other guy had the Ace flush for about £1.8k and then went card dead the rest of the night (in superstud mainly which is one of the most frustrating games). Finished up £550 for night so can't complain too much :)

Have got quite a bit of online play to get done in the next few days as I have a points target to hit over the next 4weeks which gets me into a tournament in Killarney for free which I did last year and luckboxed a win, so need to get back and defend my title!!! 

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 p.s. I actually took home £65k after swapping action with people and cutting a deal on final table to flatten the pay structure but they had already printed giant cheque

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July 20, 2010

Decided to Blog again

So I said I would blog once a week this year and got 4 weeks in and stopped blogging.....I've decided to start blogging again but I'm not going to set a minimum amount on this one!

I've been playing quite a bit of PLO this year although not as much as I would have liked 2. Out of the 165k hands I've played 67k have been PLO, I would have liked to have played more hands overall and a higher % of PLO hands. 

Here is a graph of the year so far:

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January 13, 2010

5 days going all right

5 days in to learning 7-game/keep learning PLO has had some good results(very small sample size). I feel like I’ve played well in Stud but have struggled in Stud 8 and razz.

PlO has gone very well winning $2350 through nearly 3k hands. I feel like I’m playing really well/not tilted and am running well :)

Have played a bit higher than I should have a couple of times which is a bad point but other than that am happy with my challenge so far and have gone from $4k → $5600

p.s. Joe Talls stud videos are the nuts!

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January 08, 2010

Bad start....learn something new!

I got off to a very bad start to 2010, losing just over $4.5k in 3.5k hands at PLO. Am having some issues getting money into my accounts, so am going to set myself some challenges to build my roll back up and build some confidence up.
I have mainly been an NL player and have been learning PLO for last 4 months, but am pretty bored of NL and would like to learn the mixed games. So….

I’m going to set my bankroll at 40 buyins for big bet games and 500 big bets at the limit games and I’ll just see what stakes I can get up to and hopefully I’ll learn a few things.

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January 05, 2010

NYE in dusseldorf

Just after christmas I went and visited a uni friend from belgium and we went out to dusseldorf for new years eve. We drove on the Autobahn(no speed limit motorways) in germany and got up to 250km/h which was pretty sweet, also nearly crashed though lol. The night out was worth the travelling and hopefully the pictures I put on here have worked.

Text Here
Text Here

It’s called sensation white and you basically have to dress in white and listen/dance to dance music. Hope everyone had a good christmas/new years

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December 26, 2009

Starting a blog

As we are are approaching a new year I decided to do the resolution thing. So here it is….write a blog. I’m also going to set some goals: make £200k, qualify for a big live event and post at least once a week on my blog. Merry christmas, happy new year and good luck!

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