January 30, 2010

What Would Joe Tall Do?

This is my new poker mantra when I am playing any Stud games. Before I make a decision on each street I STOP and ask myself: What Would Joe Tall Do?


WBCOOP 8 Game Event 3rd Place
Finally after four events I won a $215 SCOOP ticket. The play in this event was pretty bad and there was some very easy money early. I played nearly every Triple Draw hand that had two cards under 8. I am happy with most of my play during this tourney, I really need to learn PLO. This was the first tourney I have Final Tabled that had a rail talking smack for the most part.

I am really starting to enjoy playing Stud, Stud H/L and Razz. I played like a complete NIT during the Omaha games but that kept me out of trouble.

My Exit Hand
I really think I misplayed this hand we were three handed and small blind had three bet me previously and was opening light. So I decided to 4 bet shove AK.

AK vs A8

Hopefully I can cash in the last event or better yet cash in the main event.

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