November 21, 2009

End of The Week ... The Heat Wave is Over

By heat wave I am not referring to how I am running rather the HOT spring weather we have had over here in Australia link. On one of the days it reached 43 degrees Celsius or 109.4 F for the non metric system readers. On Friday I only put in a short 2 hour session as I had a few doctors appointments and didn’t really have the right mindset to be playing. A summary of the sessions I played is shown below:

Nothing really stands out from this session apart from one player getting worked up and abusing me for my bad play. Something along the lines of:

“You **** retard how can you re-raise me with a 9”

I had position on him and had 23479 with the intention of breaking if there was much resistance. Anyway he broke and missed. So after this he just talked smack for the rest of the session, so I offered to play him HU and he accepted. He played tight so it was very easy to exploit him unfortunately he didn’t rebuy. I think I have made a new friend :).

The Week That Was

I didn’t put in to much play this past week but I think by starting this blog it will help me going forward. In my previous post I mention some key areas I need to work on, so this will be my focus for next week. I will also be working on my bankroll management plan and will post it to the forum to and see if I can get some feedback on it. Thank you every one who has posted comments it is really good to get feedback and advice from players with more experience. I will post my summary stats for the week below nothing impressive but as the saying goes:

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first

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