March 28, 2012

$25NL so far

Wow, what a couple of sessions!  First, last night was down about 3 buy-ins and then got back to finishing down $11.  Figured it was an ok start after 2500 hands.  Then tonight I started off by losing 6 buy-ins over about 1600 hands!  I was almost at my stop loss for $25NL and was going to have to drop to $10NL if I lost another couple so I decided to take a break, walked up to the store, cleared my head and thought about what I was doing wrong.  I was clearly playing my B game and wasn't giving people enough credit...especially on the river.

Why would I think that people bluff more on the river than in $10NL!?!  Crazy thoughts I know.

Anyway, when I came back I fired up 4 more tables and put in about another 1600 hands.  Needless to say, I focused more on ranges and bringing my A game and was able to finish the entire night up almost 2 buy-ins.  So currently I'm break even at $25NL over 6100 hands.  I think I'm starting to figure it out...figured out that I shouldn't really change my game from $10NL.


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March 26, 2012

1st March post!?!! Really?

Hey DC!

I just realized that I hadn't posted in almost a month!  I have been posting in the forums of course, but nothing on here.  Shame on me!  Anyway, I would post how I've been doing in my challenge, but I just posted that today in forum.  Basically, I hit two final tables yesterday for a $135 and a $319 score.  Add those to the bankroll and I now have enough to start taking shots at $25NL.  Pretty exciting seeing how it was just over a month ago that I put $25 online.

Other than that, life has been pretty darn good away from the virtual felt.  The weather in Chicago has been amazing and I also started dating someone....hence why I haven't put in any significant volume over the last 2-3 weeks.  Things are on the up and up and I'm looking forward to April.  Hopefully, I'll get to put in at least 25-30K hands in then as I only put in about 20K in March.

Here's to the start of spring!


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March 02, 2012


I know I haven't posted on here in a couple of days. Just thought I would give everyone an update. Yesterday was awful. I didn't play well at all and only put in 500ish hands at the cash tables, but lost 2 buy-ins in the process. I also played in a $5.50 MTT in which I made a stupid/donk play with JJ on an 855ss board facing a check/raise. I mistakenly put villain on a flush draw and when the turn came a blank, I shoved over his barrel only to get snap called and shown 65s. Pretty gross seeing how I was about 12th in chips at the time with only about 95 or so to go. Thank goodness I was able to shut it down and retire for the night without any more damage.

Tonight however, was a little different story. Tonight was a GRIND! It's been a while since I have felt that. I did finish up 5 buy-ins after about 3400 hands, but that's probably only because of a few key hands. One was the one below, and it actually happened to be the second to last hand of the night for me. The others were your typical coolers, but this one was a pretty sick hero call. I'm posting it of somewhat a brag, but it's a good feeling when you go on your read, stick with it on the river and are right!

Merge - $0.04 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

SB: $3.96
BB: $5.60
UTG: $5.72
Hero (MP): $9.63
CO: $5.29
BTN: $2.70

SB posts SB $0.02, BB posts BB $0.04

Pre Flop: ($0.06) Hero has J Q 

foldHero raises to $0.12, CO raises to $0.36, foldfoldfoldHero calls $0.24

Flop: ($0.78, 2 players) T Q 3 
Hero checks, CO bets $0.39, Hero calls $0.39

Turn: ($1.56, 2 players) 5 
Hero checks, CO bets $0.78, Hero calls $0.78

River: ($3.12, 2 players) 6 
Hero checks, CO bets $3.76 and is all-in, Hero calls $3.76


Anyway, still moving in the right direction and hopefully will be moving to $10NL here shortly. I've also accumulated 1100+VIP points so I will be playing in event #1 of the Poker Maximus series on Sunday for free! Hoping for a nice run good!

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Starting Bankroll: $25
Current Bankroll: $183.56
Difference: +$158.56

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February 29, 2012

Today = SUCCESS!!!!

Well, today all in all went pretty well. I ended up putting in just over 3600 hands at the cash tables and finished up 8 buy-ins. Of course it should have been better, but can I really complain? It's just that this hand really irritated me...especially after the villain involved ran his mouth in the chat box....

Merge - $0.04 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 5 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

CO: $2.75
Hero (BTN): $8.75
SB: $3.14
BB: $2.66
UTG: $5.56

SB posts SB $0.02, BB posts BB $0.04

Pre Flop: ($0.06) Hero has Q Q 

foldCO raises to $0.10, Hero raises to $0.26, fold, BB calls $0.22, CO calls $0.16

Flop: ($0.80, 3 players) 9 Q 5 
BB checks, CO checks, Hero bets $0.60, foldCO calls $0.60

Turn: ($2.00, 2 players) J 
CO checks, Hero bets $2.00, CO calls $1.89 and is all-in

River: ($5.78, 2 players) 8 
(Villain had A of clubs/T of spades)
On another note, I went against my BRM MTT rules and bought into two tourneys that were outside of my limits. The first was a $5.50 FR NLHE event in which I busted pretty early. The other was a $3.30 PLNHE/PLO8 event in which I was able to make it heads up. Unfortunately, I busted with AK<AQ all-in pre. Still kinda steamed, but $33 added to the bankroll helps. Anyway, here's my graph of the first 19K hands...

User Uploaded Image

Starting Bankroll: $25

Current Bankroll: $175.34 :) 

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February 26, 2012

Quick little update...

So a quick little update....

I was planning on putting in around 15Kish hands over the weekend, but didn't play at all really yesterday. I decided to hit up a night on the town with friends instead and had a great time! So, overall I think I've only put in about 7500 hands since Thursday.

On another note, I played my first MTT's this weekend. The first one played was just a $0.25 buy-in, but I final tabled finishing 4th for a whomping $4.07! Then, today I played in a $1 deepstack which I bubbled , but I shipped my first deposit freeroll!!! $25 added to the bankroll and a free $109 ticket! I'll be using that in about an hour so hoping for a good score. I'll keep you up to date.

Starting bankroll: $25
Current Bankroll: $128.31
Difference: +$100.31

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February 25, 2012


Well, just a quick synopsis of tonight's session.  I finished another 3700ish hands of all $4NL and finished up 6 buy-ins!  Played well for the most part, but had a couple of coolers that cost me a couple of buy ins.  I also had a wonderful 150bb misclick. :(  Oh well, that's what happens when you're mass tabling.

I really don't like playing that many tables at all.  If it weren't for double VIP point Fridays, I wouldn't have even messed with it.  I started reviewing hands after my session and discovered a lot of missed value spots.  At least tomorrow I'll be back to the normal amount and will be able to use all of those reads that I discovered after the fact.  I never really did session reviews before, but after seeing everything I missed in game, I'll be making sure to do that a lot more often!!

Anyway, here's my graph so far after almost 15K hands over my first week....


User Uploaded Image


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February 24, 2012

Break-even has never felt better!!

Just thought I would take a quick second to post a graph of tonight's session.  I put in about 3800 hands and finished up a monstrous $3.40!!  I know, not exactly a great session, but when you consider I was down almost 6 buy-ins at one point in the night, I'd say, I'm pretty happy with the results.

Anyway, it's late and I have to be up early.  Just wanted to share tonight's results.

User Uploaded Image

Again, not anything flashy, but I still feel just as impressive as those 5-6 +buy in nights that hopefully I have here in the near future!

Beginning Bankroll: $25

Current Bankroll: $70.25 

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February 23, 2012

Graph Time!!!!!

Hey DC,

I haven't blogged or posted any hands over the past couple of days simply because I didn't really put in any volume over the last 36 hours.  Yesterday was spent at work, then the gym and then finally at the GF's.  She'll be out of town this weekend so the next four days I'll be putting in a TON of volume.  

Anyway, my last session I experimented a little with 9-tabling (6 NLHE tables and 3 PLO) as well as 12-tabling (all NLHE).  I know in my first post I was saying how I was going to keep it to 2-tabling and building reads.  The real reason behind that was because I had started my challenge with only 6ish buy-ins.  Now that I've had a chance to put in some hands and build it to 16ish buy-ins, I've gone back to mostly 4-tabling (2NLHE/2PLO) and at max 6-tabling, even though this won't be done all too often.  The reason I did some mass tabling was because, like I stated before, RPM runs daily promo's some of which require 10K hands to be played in a day.  This month the bonus is only double VIP points, which to me isn't worth it, but in the past has been play 10K hands of any limit and earn a $109 tourney ticket.  That to me holds a lot of value, so if it ever comes back, I want to be able to get that $109 freeroll!

Well, off to work I go.  I just wanted to post this along with my two graphs so far...


 User Uploaded Image


User Uploaded Image

No real sample I know, just thought I'd share.

Starting Bankroll: $25

Current Bankroll: $66.95

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February 21, 2012

Pretty swingy session...

Just finished up a pretty long session.  When I first started with the $25 bankroll I only 2-tabled to try and focus on reads, ranges and just making the overall best EV play.  Quickly after about 1600 hands I had doubled my roll to $50!  Pretty sweet considering I was also running a couple buy-ins below EV.  Tonight, was a completely different story.  I started off pretty solid over the first couple hundred hands.  Then came a -5BI swing in just over 100 hands.  Pretty sick.  It seemed like I was getting owned every pot.  Eventually I was able to recoup most of it playing a mix of $4NLHE and $4PLO.  Overall, kind of tilting a bit as I don't think I was playing my best game, but not too disappointed with my play overall.

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February 18, 2012

Second session...

Just finished up another small session of about 250 hands.  Went well except for a couple of big hands lost to your typical aggro fish.  Oh well, still finished up for the session so that's always good.  Then this commercial came on and just made me laugh....


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