November 04, 2009

Back to Martial Arts

Today I feel happy that I finally made it back to my Dojo! I’d forgotten how many HOURS and HOURS of sweat I’d logged on that floor! Since my trip to AC, I’ve been thinking about how I want to rebalance my life, now that poker gets a bigger part of it, to be more content and at peace. I’ve decided, that while some things may have to go, physical exercise, isn’t going to be one of them! [ On a side note, one of the observations I made in Atlantic City, about live poker, is that I think you would HAVE to workout while playing it, or the lifestyle would catch up with you. Not to mention, to stay sane! ] My injury seems alot better now, though still not quite right. I can’t kick like I used to yet – but I’m not in any real pain while training now either, so this is a :)!

So, tonight I signed up again for 3 months of Karate, and 3 months of Kobudo (weapons). The real trick is going to be making it stick, and finding some routine that works for me now. It’s always harder to go back I think, once you’ve been out for a while. Everything is going to be rusty for a bit, which is frustrating. Amazing how your muscle memory works though! I was able to follow along fairly easily, in katas I didn’t *think I remembered.

Hopefully, announcing my intent here, will help me get back on track with all this!

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