April 01, 2010

Heeey Hoooo DJ's

Hi ;)
This is firt post in my blog so I’ll introduce myself and my poker goals.

Name : Radek
Age : 22
Location : Rzeszów / Poland

Some facts :
-indoor soccer/futsal player
-fan of Arsenal London team
-NL100HU Donk / NL1kHU wannabe

Reason to make a blog on DC :
-improve technical aspects of my game ( talking about hands on my blog )
-improve mental aspect ( find the one and only way to kick the fuck out tilt from my head)
-improve my ENGLISH

What U can find inside this blog ?
-my toughts about sessions ( hand, mental things, etc )
-horrible gramma mistakes ( eng is not my main language


Ok now sth about my poker game.

As i said – Im playint NL/PL 100HU right now on FTP. ( I was playing on Stars / Unibet / Redkings but on stars/unibet my ass was crushed and Redkings have horrible soft ).

Sometimes Im working with jk3a to improve my game but large portion of the time Im working on my own.

As I said#2 in this blog I’ll put some hand and my thougts about them.

So lets go !

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