January 01, 2012

2011 results/2012 goals

Haven't really blogged lately as I haven't really played much poker.

2011 was good despite BF. I worked hard on my game and played only when I felt good. Definitely controlled almost all of my tilt.

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So I won at 5bb/100 for the year, but only played 75k hands. I won at 1bb in 2010, playing 150k hands... so meh.

With rakeback and bonuses I made just shy of $1500.

2012 goals:

180k hands of cash. Make 20k+ of them at PLO

Make it to Vegas during the WSOP to see poker friends and get a little live grind on.

Continue getting better at poker.

IRL, just keep crushing and thinking long-term and big-picture.

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