April 05, 2012

Currently... and not that results matter but...

I'm enjoying poker, not stressing over results, trying to chase fish, win back loses, getting super pissed over a 150 bb cooler, etc and I like it. Yes, I have been running normal and not super bad, which got me into an unwanted and unwarranted mental state a few weeks ago. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm getting back to basics. I think for a long while I was over analyzing, trying to incorporate new tricks and moves into my arsenal when it really wasn't necessary. I started to play WAY to many hands just because a fish was in a pot, call out of the blinds, try to outplay the other regs and it got me no where, except to the pharmacy to buy more advil or the market to buy more Mantabi Sugar Cane Absolutely Horrible But Cheap Liquor- to forget about the game for a while. After my computer crashed and had been away from the tables for about a week, I got a re-deposit bonus offer from the ongame skin I play on (with no rb), so took roll off, and transferred back a couple of days later. I Have put in 3 long days without looking at HM once! I feel like I'm playing better and also feel like the results are probably there, but am enjoying this time to not be results oriented and just go with the flow.

After about 75 percent of my sessions that occurred on days that I din't go out with buddies or girlfriends, I basically just watched vids until the wee hours, and while the content is great and there is always something more to learn, it probably just became too much. My brain was overloaded with info, concepts, advice, strategy, and as such, I couldn't filter it out and apply it correctly. I'll get back to studying hands, and breathing poker when not playing sessions, but for the next few days, just going to play like I know how, and try to let the accrued knowledge naturally come out. Here's to hoping it goes well, and that I don't jinx myself by writing this and end up tilting off buy ins to monkey men and stations. And if any of you are interested in a sick poker thread to follow though it is dated- check out this link- sure most of the DC vets have seen it and know the guy, but it is an incredible read from page 1 to page 141 on 2+2. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/108/las-vegas-lifestyle/another-kid-another-dream-tl-dr-659480/index56.html

Just looked at HM now- this is since Monday and didn't play today. Didn't once look at HM. Was surprised I broke totally even on Tuesday and won 9 bi's on Wednesday when both days seemed similar and to go well. I am def more nitty (21 vip in games where average to flop is like 45 percent on most tables) though which means my adjustments are good for the games I'm, feel my current game would be too weak against super good opponents- even at 10nl. But during long break even stretch, I was playing like 28 vip avg but more like 35+ on lots of fishy tables and it definitely hurt my game for how I play. Stupid preflop calls ended up being whole buy in loses when I shouldn't have been in the pot in first place.

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kerwinty posted on April 06, 2012 at 01:30 AM


Oh in reference to playing style etc, there are certain players that are super hard to play against that imo play well and have valid stats: 21/18/7/3 agro seems pretty darn legit on paper but looked guy up on ptr and he is huge loser over like 70k hands. I was shocked because he is very tough to play against.

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They put you in uncomfortable spots but that doesn't mean that they aren't profitable to play against. Just make sure you work on your game so you know how to adjust to all player types.


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