March 31, 2012

Interesting random poker thought

Hey, have been away for a bit. My computer crashed and took a week to fix and before that was getting crushed, running bad, playing bad etc so played and thought about poker alot less. Got my pc back and have put in some hands and a thought occurred to me- playing nitty/weak tight/not ideal for higher stakes where people exploit, and then picking spots against the regs of the game, and value betting the shit out of fish seems to be what worked for me when I was winning the most during a 150k hand sample. At some point, I started to get more aggressive, 3 and 4 bet, barrel, bluff, and go with jj and ak plus against most regs in most spots if the dynamic was there. Anyway, during this time, variance was obviously way higher, and it was far easier to run bad. Sometime qq is not the nuts pre in a non aggressive game.

My question is, and I know my answer but wanted feedback- is it ok to play in a way that others construe as "weak tight/fit or fold" (most of the time at least) if that is winning you the most money in your current game? I got so worried about my numbers, stats, etc that I didn't play in a way that I knew was profitable in the 10 and 20 nl game I play in. It is a style that allows a player to limit to a degree variance which subsequently, can lead to less tilt etc... anyway, adjusting is the name of the game, just think I adjusted in the wrong direction when the need wasn't there in order to "play better more agro poker"

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PrinzVonHapunkt posted on March 31, 2012 at 08:23 AM


I guess to answer this one would have to know what your plans for your "poker future" are, because if your goal is to climb as high in stakes as possible I'd suggest going for the thinnest edges possible by exploiting any leak in your opponents' games, getting to know gamflow etc..
I know you were not talking about number of tables (and that preflop stats dont mean much for overall strategy) but I think if you play a "19/17" or whatever game you might aswell play 8 tables because I think micros kind of beat itself if you go on population-leak-exploiting but if you want to get out of "there" I think you have to play looser and more aggressive and most importantly, learn how to do it profitably.

sandr1x posted on March 31, 2012 at 11:05 AM


Agree with the 1st commentator. Speaking of micros, the other day I played the following hand at 2NL vs pretty aggressive and thinking reg with a highish 3bet % on SB:

I supposed an ace to be a pretty good card for him to barrel, especially when heads-up. Assuming that there was no draws and his middle-sized bet with his overall aggression factor, I pushed and won the pot after him thinking for a little while. In my opinion, I MIGHT pushed him off weaker ace / QQ / air. So this example shows to me that you can do certain "advanced" things against certain opponents even down at 2NL. But this is just a rare exception though. Down here - tight is right.

CloudyDream posted on March 31, 2012 at 14:28 PM


Seems like you are at the point were you should go watch some Nikachu videos. Remember its a game that comes down to yourself and what your objectives are at the table.

Zavodovski posted on March 31, 2012 at 16:47 PM


This is a ‘random thought’ that’s occurred to me recently too. Personally, I think an important part of playing solid poker is being honest about what you think works for you and what the current limits of your capabilities are. Whilst ideally we want to identify and take the most +EV line in every hand, lack of familiarity and skill can make this difficult to achieve – I’d say that the theoretically most +EV plays are not +EV practically speaking if you are not ‘qualified’ or comfortable playing in the marginal or high variance spots that they may create.

Furthermore, how players want to construe or describe your game outside of offering concrete and substantiated analysis directed at helping to plug your leaks is their business and should not be of any concern - I’m not going to start x/raising light or making thin peels on the flop when I know I’ll be stuck for what to do on the turn just to avoid the derision of being labelled a bit ‘nitty’. That’s not to say that ignoring valid advice and persisting with weak-tight tendencies is a good idea – far from it, just that opening up your game should be a natural process with a justification based on how the games actually play, rather than a forced one made for its own sake.

My 2c.

PrinzVonHapunkt posted on April 01, 2012 at 16:41 PM


but imo you also have to pay for education sometimes as in making those light peels otf and turn just to see how light you can peel or when you can peel once and have to give up to the second barrel, same with bluffing -> I think sometimes you just have to find out if things work or not
but this is not a justification for maniacal play :)

huntse posted on April 01, 2012 at 18:37 PM


Do as much as you can to learn about the game away from the table, but at the table should be all about taking the money. Don't ever make plays just because people on DC or 2+2 or whatever are going to think you are cool. You should always play the way that's going to make the most money in the game you're in.

It really doesn't matter what style people think you are playing or whether people think you are weak tight, passive, a nit or whatever. Today I had a guy kept limping, I would iso with a good hand, flop would come he would overpot donk every time. I kept missing so I would fold. This happened about 10 times. I'm sure he was laughing to himself. Every time it would cost me 5bbs. Then I finally didn't miss the flop and he handed me his whole stack. ~270bbs. I dngaff if he thinks I'm weak tight - I have his money.

kerwinty posted on April 06, 2012 at 01:26 AM


Dumas- spot on with your comment. Started to play how I feel comfortable and know how to play and 7k hands have gone very well. Maybe nitty but sometimes just folded when I knew it was correct even if I did have QQ or whatnot.P Prinz, correct as well in that sometimes you gotta open up to learn. Problem is, maybe I learned a bit, but my results sucked, couldn't cash out etc. I don't play as agro as you! yet! but ok with that for the time being! Right on Huntse I often feel that way when stacking players that don't know what hit them. Sometimes it by being weak or trappy, but others value betting a fish with 99 on 872ak board for 240 bb pot.


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