April 16, 2011

FBI stuff = an opportunity?

So with the FBI stuff going on at the moment, everyone is thinking shit has hit the fan and looking generally at things from a negative point of view. Personally I do not think I am a negative person, the way I see it is that one way or another we will be able to play online poker one way or another in the future. I am hoping that the US market is regulated and that a whole lot of dead money will come into the industry as a result of easier deposit options etc.

Now with PAD now having shown a Omaha episode, this is going to make the PLO player pool bigger, and ideally many of the fishy players will turn to PLO. Therefore I am going to finally start putting in lots of effort into learning PLO as the regulated US market could be in force in just a couple months, so I want my PLO game to be able to compete versus the solid regulars, but even better is that I want to be in a position where if the PLO player pool gets a fishy influx, I want to be able to crush it!

I have started taking an interest in PLO over the last 4 months or so, but have probably played less than 15k hands of it. So my plan is to soak in all the material I can. The way that I learn best is by reading so I am going to read all Bugs’ “PLO from Scratch’ articles (I read a few of them months ago) and use that as the base of my learning. After this I am going to figure out just who crushes the 25/50 games that I can then model my game off, essentially they will be a role model. I will open up the tables on Stars/FTP and just watch them. This is something I wish I did when learning Hold’em but I won’t make the mistake this time. Obviously not being able to see their cards can mean it gets boring but once they get to showdown I can think to myself just why they made the play that they did.

Another thing that I will do is actually run a lot of hands through ProPokerTools to learn how equities change in various situations. Once again I wish I used PokerStove more when I was learning Hold’em.  Amongst all of this I will of course play PLO sessions (as well as regular NL sessions), however I really want to get solid fundamentals before I start playing PLO as the my main game.

I will watch video series, but I find that they are not the best learning method for me personally so they won’t be on the top of the to-do list.

This is getting somewhat long so going to finish up. But hopefully in 2-3 months I will have put myself in a situation where I can crush the games if they get flooded with dead money. I will be blogging about my progress here more than I have updated in the past! 

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