August 31, 2010


So I returned to NZ at the beginning of August, with only 1 online paper to do to finish my degree. This paper is only paper I am taking so lots of time to improve at pokers. 

The first week I got back was full of catching up with people, doing errands, and lots of partying as well as easing myself back into online play with some videos and little bit of playing.

Monday 9th of August was the day I had my 'office' in my room already to play and ready for me to crush the tables, all going to plan.

The results are below (bah am having a shocker with inserting pictures, results will go up in a few days, too tired to work out what Im doing wrong).

So definitely not a bad way to start, I am not a rakeback pro :), and wont be looking for a job anytime soon, given I have money saved up etc. etc.

Things I did well:
  • - My C game is continuously loping off.
  • - I table selected, considering this was something I never did previously.
  • - Felt my hand reading improved a lot.
  • - Kept sessions to a maximum length of 1.5 hours, 2hours if the tables were full of fish
  • - Didn't get winners tilt as bad which I was prone to, which lead to a few big sessions that previously would have been a 'standard' winning session.
  • - Looked through sessions at random to look at the tough spots I was in, and looked at combos etc and sent the odd one to friends.

Things I need to do/improve on:
  • - Do my pre-game routine before every session
  • - Not discuss hands with friends while playing, this leads to more auto pilot than when on FB 
  • - Play my A-game more often
  • - Look into HHs with regs 
  • - Ensure I am ALWAYS aware of table dynamics with regulars
  • - Ask myself if I am tired at all when playing
  • - Did not exercise/eat as well as I thought I would have, but could have been worse

There is a lot of positives to take away from the month, as well as a lot of things I can work on.

Goals For September
  • - 60k hands minimum
  • - Ensure I get at least one follow up mind coaching session from Jamie/MindGuru
  • - Bink one of the APPT-Auckland Prelim tournaments I am playing (21sts the weekend of the main )
  • - Play my Agame 60+% of the time.
  • - Ensure I take days off.
  • - Review hands away from the tables
  • - Be in a situation where I can begin taking shots at 400nl in October
  • - By some Bulldogs Memorabilia if win 8k+



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