July 25, 2010

recent play, etc.

So been watching more vids, actually on keepyourchips.com to get the basics down, Ive seen most of them but not all of them so far. My game has been very up and down, im doing better then when I first started but am making bluff bets when I dont have any good cards, or any kind of good hand, and playing some weak cards as well. For the most part im adhering to good suited cards such as broadway, 9 10 suited. Ill post a few hands up but made some bad decisions and lost some money, still not quite a winning player but going to persist anyways. One call I remember was I had Aces, dont remember if suited and there were two kings on board and the player I went to showdown had pair of kings and lost a few bucks. Going to post some hands on the forum, Id post here but probably get more coverage and response if I posted on forums. Im about done with from the ground up, going to finish that up, then watch rest of keepyourchips videos, watch haj school series then start on some other series. Thinking of getting the playbook, seems pretty new and mathematical approach. Anyways thats all folks :)  

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