April 11, 2011

A nice weekend

So in my previous post i stated i was gonna be updating every day, wich ofc is bullcrap, im not interesting enough to write down something everyday :)

anywayz, my weekend went pretty good, played some pretty good poker and played at a 8.9BB/100 for 2.6K hands (varience) , i ran 1 buyin under EV so im pretty content with that. Its not the result that i care about though, the first session of saturday i played my best game from the whole weekend but still ended up a 2bi loser, but i didnt care, i played a good game again, and that was most important.

I discovered the microstakes forum again and started posting some (to me) interesting hands, i got a looooot of reply's & some good discussions so im pretty happy bout that.

I met a guy who is playing as a reg in my game, he shared me his skype poker group, ofc i find this pretty sick talking to someone i play a lot about my thinking and how i play hands, so i act like i dont know shit about the game, 88 vs an UTG opener ???? I SHIP THAT SHIT !!!! Ofc after a while he will think im full of shit on the skype group & he will start ignoring me, but for the time being i leave him in the dark about the way i play my hands ;)

Something other then poker : Yesterday my youth soccer team (yea im a soccer coach & yea there are a LOOOOT of soccer moms wanting to bang me!!!!) anywayz, my youth soccer team won the last match of this competition season with 5-0, we end up in the 5th place out of 16 teams, pretty proud to say that all my players are 1y younger then all the other players in the competition. The competition might be over but there are still a lot of tourney to come & a lot of troffees to be won !!!

wich us luck & skill !

peace out

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