August 16, 2010

10NL Grinder (150€)

Hey guys,

I'm new to DC so first of all i wanna say hi to you all.

Something about myself :

RL First Name: Matthias
Age: 23
Status: In a relationship
Occupation: Student Industrial Engineering
Location: Belgium
Favorite (Sports Team, food, place, beach, pet, etc...anything goes here): I use to play a lot of sports (Soccer, Rugby, Swimming, Boxing, Golf) but now i train a Youth soccer team wich is pretty cool. Still verry happy to go to college, prolly one of the best times of my life. And i love spending time with my girl

Since a year and a half ive been playing poker, mainly in homegame cash games 10 - 20NL

And on occaisionall weekend we go the casino to play 200NL ( these games have the level of skill you find playing 2NL online ... so its verry easy beatable )

Started out playing on victory poker about a little month ago.

I started playing there since they got this awsome 40% rakeback, only problem is there is no tracker that works with the everleaf poker software, maybe someone of you guys could help me out with that ?

Poker game : playing 10NL  @ victory poker, 1 - 4 tables, since the pokerroom is so small there are max 6 tables to play at, but its full of fish at the micro and low stakes.

                          I will be playing verry abc poker, vpip of 20-22% w a Pfr of 16-18.

Goals : Build a bankroll from 150€ to 600€ in 50K hands playing 10NL 6max to move up to go play 20NL.

              Try to watch as many DC microstakes NL 6max videos  as possible. (allready watched Babysteps & From the ground up series)

              post at least one vid to the forum every week with some interesting spots to be coached, criticized and judged. Also these movies wil be used by myself to review my play

Bankroll : I started out tracking my progress a week ago, started with 150€ (i play € tables).

I know its a little BR to play high varience game as NL but i think that if i don't get to many badruns in the start it will al work out fine.

 I chose to calculate my Rakeback into my bankroll, everytime my rakeback is deposited i will ad 1 extra hand with  the rakeback as winings, you will see this on my graf as a vertical line going up

Anyways, i will be tracking my progress and posting it on the blog as many times as possible.

I hope you guys can help me out and give advice on the vids and hands i will be posting, also other replys are more then welcome.


Posted By EUSSI at 01:36 AM



jens123 posted on August 16, 2010 at 10:30 AM


no tracker works with it? im interested in trying victory because of awesome rakeback, im currently on stars right now

EUSSI posted on August 16, 2010 at 13:04 PM


nope, but i heard you could use a live handconverter,
convert your HH from victory to lets say FTP, and then start scanning the map w pokertracker as it was FTP, but i havent found this handconverter and not sure if it would work for the HUD.

I someone has any info on this one, would really apreciate it. THX

worpler posted on August 23, 2010 at 11:31 AM


good luck, it's always interesting to follow someone trying to move up.


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