August 04, 2010

Motavation Mojo

The beginning session of my foray into taking poker seriously have gone well.  I still have a problem with wanting to quit early and book a win, and today I had a couple tough spots/coolers to bring my session into the negative.  Surprising few fish playing during the early and mid afternoon today.  When I sweated lynchmob there were more fish playing at NL50.  I've decided to take shots at NL25 once I get 500 into my bankroll, and as soon as I drop down to 400, I'll grind NL25 again.  Here are how the sessions went:


NL10 -- 214 hands +2.73 57 mins played

Monday -- 675 hands +47.29 177mins played

Wednesday 1016 hands -7.87 261mins played

The metric I measure my game by is $/hr, meaning I am averaging....

496.6 mins played and 42.15 total won = 5.09 an hour. 2.21bb/100.  I believe that is close to my true winrate, but I'd like for it to be closer to 4-5bb/100.

     If I am not to exhausted tonight after training I'm gonna get another session in.  If I AM too tired, I'm going to take some notes while watching a video and post them here in my blog.  I may end up doing both, and hopefully not neither, but if we spar tonight I'm not gonna try to grind with a headache.  I've only got 8 hours of poker in so far this week out of my combined goal of 45 (including my IRL job) but I work friday and I plan on grinding as much as possible the next three days.  I'm gonna need more than 10 hours th, F, and Sat to get to the goal, so hopefully I can get in a good 3-4 hours tonight.  Wish me luck in training.  Left hooks to the ear = bad.

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