February 13, 2012

Bloggo Ergo Sum


Contrary to the mock philosophical heading, I doubt this blog is the place for much by way of spectacular enlightenment, poker-related or otherwise. Instead, it's just somewhere for me to bounce ideas around, post results and interesting/funny hands, and doubtless rant about whatever injustices I feel I've been dealt most recently (although I'll try and keep that last aspect to a minimum).

To be honest, I've long had reservations about blogging on the grounds that one can often come across as braggy, whiny, or just plain irrelevant, and doubtless should I continue writing here I'll be all of the above at various points. Having said that, I have always valued the opportunity to note the progress of other players at similar or even somewhat higher stakes to myself through their own blogs, whether it be to gain reassurance that the games are still beatable for a decent amount, or that I'm not the only one having to endure 50K hand breakeven stretches and tilting massively at times as a result. Hence, I am hopeful that chronicling my own exploits may similarly provide some small degree of succour or insight to those who read it.

Anyhow, having offered my justifactory preface to this blog, now to the actual poker. As stated in the description, I'm another micro-staker trying to move up the levels and see where I get to. Most recently, I stuck $100 online and started playing 6 max cash. By way of a brief first update here are the sum total of my 5NL endeavours so far.

User Uploaded Image

User Uploaded Image

I ended up having to play more hands than I would have liked at 5NL, but things went a lot smoother when I stopped worrying about my redline and just value bet more whilst cutting down on bluffing. Ran basically bang on EV, so can't complain. Taking some shots at 10NL now, and hopefully will be able to make that stick.

Thanks for reading and good luck.



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