November 11, 2010

Volume Prop: Week 3.3 update

Blech. I didn't play at all over the last weekend, so I had to put in some longer sessions this week to get back on track. I'd rather not have to put in an epic last-minute session to get there, and I'd rather not have to figure out how to count up my triple draw hands since I don't have software to track them, so I hope to just finish off the 40k hands just from PLO this week. So the last few days I've put in long sessions and gotten totally crushed. I suppose it is the nature of PLO to have these runs now and again, but I really don't enjoy them. It only adds up to a 12 buyin downswing when measured in bb, but unfortunately the heaviest hits have been at the higher stakes.  I've reviewed the hands from the biggest drop that occurred tonight, and I can spot a few hands that I could have played  better, but really the majority of it just seems to be coolers and setups, with a few bad beats thrown in.

Well, I guess I shouldn't whine too much. Nobody wants to hear that. I'm currently at 33,889 hands with 6 days left to go so I shouldn't have any trouble getting there. My current winnings are slight enough to be considered breakeven (thank goodness for the supernova bonuses). I just hope I can focus on playing great poker and win some money in my next few sessions.

A few items unrelated to the prop, but of sufficient noteworthiness: 
1) FTP has finally opened up draw games. Hooray! I've played a fair bit of tripledraw lately on both sites as there has been good action, but I think I've been running bad at that too. Oh well, keep on truckin.
2) My ultimate winter league just started, so I no longer am completely a couch potato. My team is pretty stacked with talent (we have players from the national championship teams from 3 different divisions) so I think we've got a good shot to win it all. Now if only I could get back in shape and contribute something to the team.
3) I'm currently at 120k VPPs for the year, so my goal of 200k is within reach. I can only hope to have enough motivation to keep putting in hours once the prop is over. Plus I have to work around the holidays, so my available playing time will be more limited. I guess another challenge is a good thing!   

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Acombfosho posted on November 11, 2010 at 11:29 AM


"It only adds up to a 12 buyin downswing when measured in bb, but unfortunately the heaviest hits have been at the higher stakes."

Yeah its crazy how this always happens!

PaulWIlson posted on November 14, 2010 at 11:25 AM


"Yeah its crazy how this always happens!"

Seems to be an unwritten rule. Everytime I try to move up in stakes my Aces get cracked and my sets get outdrawn.

Good luck for the last part of the prop, DJ.

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