July 03, 2009

Some fun ones

Poker Stars $30/$60 Limit Hold’em – 2 players
The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter

Pre Flop: (1.5 SB) Hero is BB with J Diamond 8 Club
BTN/SB raises, Hero calls

Flop: (4 SB) 9 Heart 3 Diamond 9 Diamond (2 players)
Hero checks, BTN/SB bets, Hero raises, BTN/SB 3-bets, Hero calls

Turn: (5 BB) 7 Heart (2 players)
Hero checks, BTN/SB bets, Hero raises, BTN/SB folds

Final Pot: 7 BB
Hero mucks J Diamond 8 Club
Hero wins 6.983 BB
(Rake: $1.00)

Poker Stars $15/$30 Limit Hold’em – 3 players
The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter

Pre Flop: (1.667 SB) Hero is BB with 9 Diamond 5 Heart
BTN raises, 1 fold, Hero calls

Flop: (4.667 SB) 3 Diamond 3 Spade 2 Diamond (2 players)
Hero checks, BTN bets, Hero raises, BTN 3-bets, Hero calls

Turn: (5.333 BB) 4 Club (2 players)
Hero checks, BTN bets, Hero raises, BTN calls

River: (9.333 BB) T Heart (2 players)
Hero bets, BTN folds

Final Pot: 9.333 BB
Hero mucks 9 Diamond 5 Heart
Hero wins 9.3 BB
(Rake: $1.00)

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June 29, 2009



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June 28, 2009

My name is Chuck and I like to party.

I played DONKAMENTS last night! I thought it would be fun and it was. Small stakes ones. Busted early in some “fifty fifty” thing on FTP, then came in 6th in some 1r+1a tourny for just over $1k =/. Ran JJ into QQ @ the final table (so it is…) – that’s actually the same way I busted from the ME last year. Squeezing JJ from the BB after QQ cold called a loose player’s open.

In the meantime some awesome cash was running. 6max O8 running super soft and a great great great 30 game on stars. I couldn’t get any footing in the O8 for a while but then I was magically up like 20 bets. People putting in 4 bets with naked low draws is always a great sign lol. No idea what was happening in the 30 game, just people calling calling and folding.

In fact, I ran awesome in the 30 all day yesterday. I think. I don’t know what I ran bad in because I didn’t book that huge of a win. I’m going to have to stop playing on my mac so much or at least update my windows partition and get HEM Omaha.

Oh now I remember – NLO8! Somehow, in 3 all-ins with AAxx, I’ve won 0 lol. One I was bad like AAT8 to AA25, but the others I had the better low. Getting flushed blows lol.

Who cares though, flopping full houses in the 30 vs. lags is way better haha.

Going to try and play a few Sundays today and get a bunch of hands in. Off to play some basketball for now.

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June 27, 2009

Been playing a lot.

I should post some hands soon. Ton of O8 (all kinds), some HUNL, and the rest (and mostly) LHE. All kinds. I did have 4 of the best 15/30 fr games I’ve actually ever been in the other night. I dumped 100 bets but had I not started getting super tired I could have easily won it back in 3 or 4 orbits. 8 way limped, open and 4 cold calls, you name it I saw.

It’s funny, my autopilot works well or 6 max but not full ring. I see A5s UTG and think “raise” first. Had it been 6max games I probably would have stayed up playing but it was actually a bit tougher for me to turn down the aggro.

The O8 experiment is going well. Ran like ass today but man people are bad at that game. When the NLO8 goes (and runs short) I’ll leave just about anything to sit there. Limit O8 has way more variance than people think. It’s very feasible to bring your A-game to the table and really get rocked, especially with some bad lags 3-betting stuff like 9723r and just hammering flops.

All in all though been running just fine. My 6max LHE game is coming back strong and that’s a good thing because good action HU is not as easy to find as it used to be.

I’ve been pretty good about game selection which is a good thing. Slowly learning who the bad regs are has been fun for sure.

Back with some hands soon.

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April 29, 2009


Only action today was from short-stacking HUNL players. One guy, who I ended up playing for about 10x as long as I should have had to, won every all-in. If there’s anyone that makes you want to punch the laptop, it’s these guys. That being said, they’re great spots and you shouldn’t complain about having a very hi % chance to walk away with a few hundred dollars. That being said, this guy ended up taking me for about 1/2 a buyin lol. I had gotten it in really good vs. him a few times, then ended up lose 2 or 3 more flips, then after grinding him down to even I lost another flip and he quit. I think @ the most he was up about 1/2 a buyin. The session was long and boring. Luckily I ran good elsewhere simultaneously so yay for morning sessions.

Going to try and get some more playing in later on but doubt I will – I leave for the West Coast for a short trip tomorrow and have some work to finish up before then. Have some coaching in a bit as well. Been coaching more lately and have enjoyed it. I bumped my rate down as low as it has ever been simply because I wanted to coach more.

I also have to get started working on my series with DeathDonkey some time over the next few days. I need to time it well though because I’ll need all my luckbox to beat DD. We are doing one of those “i play X hands, you play X hands, the loser has to…” challenges.

The series name is Kung Fu. As of right now I really want to make (if he loses) DeathDonkey lay in a chair and pop up all dramatically like in the matrix and say “I know kung fu”. We’ll record it and I’ll put it on videos, send it to his friends and family, maybe take out an ad on google with it.

Plz to post ideas.

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April 28, 2009



So yes I have been playing a lot more poker – with some good results as of late. A lot of heads up, but because the action is not as easy to come by as it once was I’ve been some 6 max too. Even those games seem to be full pretty often on FTP so I’ve been dabbling in other games (HORSE, O8, PLO) a little bit, usually much smaller stakes if I don’t know the game that well (i.e. PLO) – the good news is that when I do get a seat somewhere the action has been pretty good in pretty much every game.

Today has been annoying so far. I got hit and run @ HULHE real quick, but quickly cheered up as I got some action vs. a bonafide fish @ HUNL. Of course he took me for just under 2 buyins and politely thanked me as he left the table. Stud.

I then got visited by a DC member who played me in a pretty sweet HU match some time early last week (he is good imo). I insta-sat out vs. him because I’m coaching in about 20 minutes and didn’t want to have the match end in a hit and run. He asked me to play my BB thinking he would fold it back to me, then he raised. Apparently he had been grimmed earlier in the day and was pissed about it. Fwiw I think if you sit in against someone @ LHE and they fold and deny you action it’s not them grimming. If they are sitting on an empty they are most likely a reg and not playing you because they don’t want your action.

That being said if this dude did in fact grim him, I hate him because it put a sour stamp on my day.

THAT being said it’s early. Plenty of day left to pwn noobs. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since “going pro” it’s that it really is all one big session. It used to be I was forced to stay up late and hate myself on the way to work (ok let’s be honest i fcking loved myself on the way to work because I wasn’t sleeping I was staying up all night hitting flops like Joe did in the early 90’s), but now I’m better off taking a break and playing when I’m good and ready.

I’m heading down to meet Krantz for lunch after coaching and do some sweet DC work. He leaves for his show in under a month so I have to get a ton of hands in before he takes some of his run good off the island of Manhattan with him. A lot of DeucesCracked guys headed out to Vegas again this summer, and I’m going to be one of them for some of it. Not nearly as much as last summer but enough for me. If anything it will be nice to walk around in the heat and then come back to NY and think it’s not hot here.

It’s hot here. 84 degrees is hot.

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