October 23, 2009

Running Really bad

The horrible run continues. I’ve been playing leisure-stakes if you will as a means to just get back on track. Seems every time I get it all in I’m either coolered or about to get sucked out on. After an epic run like I had over these past few weeks I’m certainly due.

There’s an NVG thread that krantz pointed out to me with UGotABanana (of 2M2MM fame) graph where he runs ridiculously over expection. Well, here it is.

Notice anything? This graph tells us nothing. For all we know, Harry is running 500k below EV. The won money in non-showdown pots is not there. While I’m sure he’s running above expectation, it’s definitely not as bad as #1) this graph makes it out to be and #2) as bad as NVG seems to think it is.

Simply sticking up for Harry because from what I here he is the man.

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October 05, 2009

Podcast UPDATE

Should be out for next week! Post any questions for Joe and I to answer in the comments.

If not next week it will be the week after as our dev team is on vacation (for once).



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October 05, 2009

Ship the epic run bad!

It continues! Horrible morning! One of my worst ever, only topped by last week! Well, this is what you get. I’d like to think I get used to these after a while but who knows. I know I have to. I set a stop loss after a while but playing aggro opponents and getting it in good and having them suck out is going to end up hurting after a while.

Sure was fun though. I ended up getting super deep and losing like a 9 buy-in pot @ PLO w/the 2nd nuts on the flop (99 to KK on a K89cc where i had a K and the Tc). I still like it and ProPokerTools has me as 2-1 vs. a feasible range (KK, 88, wraps+FDs) and w/the K blocker I like it even more. After that it was standard “wow you actually have that when I have this” crap that can ruin the start of your week if you let it.

Anyway, looking for some sort of bogus challenge to put together. Looks like it’s time to start up a new HEM DB and start crushing babys with a hammer like in Mario Brothers.

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October 02, 2009

Oh man I've got a PODCAST

Joe and I are recording episode 1 of our podcast, “Hey Ball”. Get excitement!

That’s the tagline – “get excitement!” I just decided.

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September 30, 2009

To confirm my Pup's awesomeness

I did not walk him today.

Sorry Charlie the pup, I need you big guy.

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September 30, 2009

Ship the jinx

Hours after posting I put up my 2nd worst day of the year. Nice to have that out of my system haha.

Challenge time I’d say. Not sure what I’m going to do but I’ll figure it out soon enough. I’m sure it will involve plenty of limit hold’em and a lot of o8 though. NL action has been pretty inconsistent for me HUHU below 5/10 (lot of regs…a LOT of regs) so I’ll probably grind mid stakes HULHE and some short handed O8 for a while.

Definitely some mid stakes PLO8 as well.

Odd hand from the other day I’ve been meaning to post about. I open KQJThh and get called from the SB.

Flop K52 and I check back. This flop is an auto check-back vs. short stackers but this guy was full stack. I think it’s close but vs. more passive opponents i like a bet.

Anyway, turn was the Jh giving me top 2 + FD and I bet out pot after he checked. He called.

The river was the 4h.

He checked.

In PLO8 I would fire pot here because I would expect him to call with some worse flushes, maybe call 2 pair. I’m in a crap spot because he won’t really fold a low though. The more I bet the more likely he will fold a low.

That got me to wondering if I should be overbetting in NLO8 when i’ve got the villain squarely on a low. I mean, if he always has a low obviously just ship and hope he folds. The question is how often am I right when I have the villain “squarely” on a low?

I think pretty often. I think almost always. So I think I should start overbetting here.

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September 30, 2009

Time to jinx myself

I quietly had the best week ever of my poker career last week. I really don’t know what PTR says about it because a lot was at other games and I don’t know if they track that but I just wanted to get that out there so i can stop trying to avoid it and officially jinx myself. Obvs kidding.

It is amazing how bad this site is for action though as I got amazing action @ 5/10nl HU, the type of action I never see my friends who are regs in the games get.

I got a dog recently and it has helped me a lot with poker. I can’t just sit and play anymore, all my sessions are planned and I actually take a walk to clear my head (my dog’s bladder) before every session.

So, thanks Charlie the pup.

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September 28, 2009

Oh snap the dashboard is sick

That’s the awesome thing about DeucesCracked, I get sick features even when I don’t expect them. I’m loving this new dashboard and plan on blogging a lot more about it.

I actually had the best week of poker I can ever remember last week. I was playing everything from 30 O8 to 5/10nl HU. I ran great in a bunch of games. When I got it in good I held up, and when I got it in bad (which was only like 2 or 3 times) I sucked out. AQ to 99 on an AQ9? Q no problem.

So of course when I ran like ass 2 nights ago I was pretty fine with the whole thing. It’s important to keep things in perspective.

My video a day quest has been going better than published, I just need to start posting my video watching trip reports.

The side benefit has been having a DC Vid on my iPhone. Now, finally, I can explain what it is I do. Lol.

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September 06, 2009


So I’ve been dicking around with the notion of it and threatening to do it for a few weeks now but today I’m starting my “video a day” quest. Will I cheat and watch some videos that I’ve been watching over the past few weeks? Yes lol. But this is more of a change in diet than a weight loss prop bet.

What do I mean by that? In a weight loss prop bet you’re doing anything you can to just shoot to a goal. You’re going as fast as you possibly can and sometimes the ends are justifying some unhealthy means.

This is more of a diet change – when you successfully change your diet it’s usually understood that it’s a lifestyle thing. Can you have some ice cream once a week? Yeah. But that’s it. The other 6 you behave and it’s not torture.

So basically I’m going to be watching a vid a day for the foreseeable future. I’ll post what vid I put up and how I think it helped my game. I’ll be focusing on HUNL to start off and I think DogIsHead’s Up is a good place to start. I’m almost done with episode one, will post later on about it.

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September 06, 2009

The Hands

The NL hand.

I think the flop is ok. I didn’t want to c/r because I’m a bit iffy on whether or not he’d be 3-betting as a bluff or 3-betting for value. I think he’s folding air, though he may barrel it 2x (so I can c/c, c/c), I’m not getting him off a jack until the river. I basically intended to play a small pot.

On the turn i felt he either has a jack going for thin value (rare, I think it has to be AJ or KJ only). I think a 4 probably checks back the flop. So maybe 44/44, AJ, QQ+. The rest is all air just barreling.

Once the river hit I honestly felt the villain could be bet/folding a strong jack, sometimes a 4 (again, rare but I don’t think he has it that often). This is a spot I would normally just c/c or c/f but I think crai is best because the villain was the type of guy to not necessarily pot control a strong jack on the turn.

As far as the PLO hand goes, villain was calling 3-bets with like any 2 and just playing bad postflop. I was keeping pots small successfully when I wanted to. He has potted the past 2x when checked to however and I just felt his turn range was way wider than would justify a fold.

Once all the straights missed I think villain folding 2 pair is super reasonable. He needs like KJ3x or something for this play to be bad. I can very reasonably have KKxx here. And he can certainly be betting jacks up for value vs. AA. This villain was certainly capable of that.

I was much more confident in my PLO c/r than my NL one but luckily they both worked.

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