January 19, 2010

Failure to Blog - but for good reason

I’ve been playing a lot of cards! So much in fact that I haven’t had time to blog. I went very deep in the first event of the Aussie Millions (ended up busting 40th), which was fun. I’ll talk about that for now and tell you more about my cash play another time.

So early on Vanessa was at my table, which was rough. She managed to convince the table that I simultaneously was always bluffing and always had it so people were pretty terrified of me. This image stayed with me throughout the tournament.

Thank god I had Vanessa at my table that day because I learned a TON about tournament poker from watching her play. When you have a thinking player at your table it makes it all go by so much faster. Knowing that she is evaluating every single situation makes it nice because I can see what she is thinking, try and figure out why, etc.

I ran 1 big bluff into the nuts which was fun. Then I lost a few all-ins when I was a favorite and finally looked down at A9s and had to ship – AIPF vs. AQo, despite flopping a flush draw and turning chop outs I was sent to the rail. I’m back at it tomorrow in the “Bounty” tournament.

No idea what that means. I don’t know if I get something for knocking people out or if it’s just for knocking me out (the 6 DeucesCracked guys will certainly be a bounty) or for knocking anyone out.

Regardless, keep your eyes on PokerNews as I will be nagging them with my chip count as often as possible.

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January 10, 2010

DC Awards - time to step it up

I haven’t been blogging lately but with good reason. Year end is a frantic time for any business, including DeucesCracked. Anyway, that’s just about done so back to blogging, and wow back to poker.

We’re headed to Australia for the Aussie Millions. Link here

Joe and I will be teaching the HORSE seminar on the 21st. I’m flying out tomorrow with Krantz and Sthief to California. I am really looking forward to pretty much every phase of the trip (flight included, I can sleep/read, I like that).

I’ll be blogging daily from Australia, hopefully get some pics up so you guys can see how much fun we’re having. I’m going to play a TON of poker. A lot online even. Everyone has been saying “uh you’re going to Australia in the summer and you’re going to play poker!?” Well, when I go to Vegas I play poker lol. I play well on these trips – my mind begins and ends with poker, unlike at home where I’ve got to take care of a lot more day to day (dog, friends, family, etc.) Of course I will relax and enjoy myself but I can instantly count up a found 3 hours in my day and I see no reason not to play poker during them. I like poker. So.

I’ve never been to Australia so that will also be fun.

Joe and I are each putting in work on the seminar. We’ll have plenty of time there to solidify things. It’s going to be rather epic. I’ll post some more about it as it develops.

Anyway, I think I have to bring back the justicewagon for a number of reasons. Number one because I reread it and it is hillarious. I know I’m floating my own boat but my comments on the Star Wars Rebellion are spot on. Also, I’m in the running for best DeucesCracked blog so clearly I need to keep it up. Hopefully people still like it.

As for now, my car is picking me up in 3 hours and I haven’t started packing. And it’s 3:15 am. Ugh lol. Packing seems easy though I don’t know, 1) put clothes in bag 2) pack laptop 3)? 4) Profit ldo.

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November 28, 2009

Spamming the Blog

Based on views I’m assuming people view a post based on 1 of 2 reasons:

1) The title – I don’t know if titles matter that much but I will be better about them
2) Frequency of other posts on same day/where it is on DC – I think it’s this a lot more.

Plz to let me know if this is true.

Also comment on Joe’s blog that we need to finish our podcast. Joetall.com. Call him a jerk and say “I guess you’re too tall for internet radio but not too tall for the shelves at the JERK STORE!”

But then link him here. Because he will be mad at you if you say it. OR, get like 10 of your friends to do it. Because then he will know somebody told him to do it.

I’m wearing a sweater and it is not officially too warm for one. Gonna have to bump my Al Gore post.

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November 28, 2009

The REAL Thanksgiving report

I post in this little window Rob ninja made in firefox. Unfortunately I don’t review my posts before they come out though (/Tar Rob; /Blame). So guys, if I butcher a hand or two please let me know and I’ll go back and figure it out.

Anyway the long and short of it is I ran like god on Thanksgiving. The hand I will never forget is having my Full Tilt window pop up and force me to misclick call a 3-bet with 45o. The flop was 445 and he had AA and well I guess I owe Howard a beer or something. Or like 400 beers.

The PLO action was good early in the day. When they call 3-bets and fold flops, don’t c/r bluff, or just don’t bluff at all, it’s pretty tough to give it away though sometimes tedious to take. After around 45 hands though these guys just decide to spazz out and my 95xx held on a 995 vs. his J673.

Later on was all NL. The one thing I’ve noticed about this string of wins I’ve put together is that I’m finally refusing action as it comes up. If I have 2 tables going I don’t toss around a 3rd even if I think a guy is going to quit. Make a decision and close one out. The last time I tried to 3-4 table HU games I dropped a brick in 3 or 4 nights.

So yeah, the games were good. One villain was a little tricky but the name of the game was flops with him. He would 3-bet light, 4-bet bluff and quite frankly was over-aggro in 3-bet pots. I countered with min-raises and calling more pf and donking lots of flops.

After I stacked him he started folding to my 3-bets so I started 3-betting my junk and flatting my big hands. Well, I wanted to. I flatted AA and won a small pot. Then I picked up 35s and 3-bet. He snap called. I could sense him reverting to his original ways and normally his flop bluff raise with Qhi would be good but when the flop has a 2 a 4 AND a 6, I’m not going to fold much.

He bluff shipped the 3 turn which to be honest I didn’t like. I’m not bet/calling JJ on the flop and c/f’ing that turn card. Same thing with anything I’m bet/calling on that flop.

As far as an Ace turn my plan was to either bet very small to induce a bluff raise or check and quickly check the river if he checked back. Both were chosen because I assumed he was bluffin ~100% of the time. If I thought he could have 88 or something here I would have just shipped the flop but TBH I figured him for a bluff or maybe AA/KK. If I bet small on the turn and he called I think the river is an easy ship.

Anyway, yeah. String of wins. Stick to 2 tables. And quit people when better action shows up, though most all of the action I’ve been getting has been great. Not sure where the "eff you I am a reg and want to “PROVE” myself" guys went but I’m not missing them just yet. I’m sure I’ll have to dance with them when I’m back at 5/10 but for now I’m happy where I am.

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all enjoyed black friday. Less deaths in shopping this year which is always good. Also if you are really feeling down, watch a ton of Deal or No Deal. A ton.

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November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Trip ReportI and That's It

Real life side: Ate WAYYYYY too much. Holy moly. I can still barely move.

Poker: This was bad for poker. As my family is usually done getting together by around 9pm-ish I typically reserve holiday evenings for poker. This became a lot tougher with all that turkey in my belly. That being said I did decide to play a bit. I got one or two opponents pretty quickly at some PLO tables and made quick work of them. There were certainly some notable hands but I’m confusing the sessions.

You guys missed a day! You missed an EPIC day! Wow, 2 nights ago I got slaughtered for around 2 hours but stuck with it like a champ. Knowing if your playing well and running bad or just playing bad is easy when you consistently get it in a huge favorite and watch as the sickest 2 and 3 outers just crush your soul. I did have my first ever nut-boat to quads moment which was fun. KK to 33 on a K323Q. I was a little over 5 buying under EV when all was said and done.

But I came out a winner.

Vs. one particular opponent I had been all in 3 times in the 1st 15 hands! A few hands later I got stacked again and knew I had my work cut out for me. I was playing great with the exception of 1 hand.

I can’t recall the action 100% but basically I was out of position on the turn with AKJ6 with the Ah6h and the board read Kh6h5cTh. I checked after check/calling pot on the flop. So, my decision to flat pf I think was good vs. this particular opponent given out 3-bet dynamic, and knowing that he would play back at my on a flush card a ton and never really 3-bet bluff the flop made chceck/calling the flop with such a hammer lock a pretty good option for me. Vs. people who are willing to call it off a little lighter or ship straight draws maybe I play it different but given the match at that point I was happy with my check call.

Anyway, I c/r’d the turn over 200bb’s deep. He thought for around 5 seconds before full potting it. Foolishly thinking he had just committed himself I snap shipped and thought “don’t pair the board wait go head and well I don’t know I hope he has 55”.

Then I saw the pot size! I had gone all in for a little less than pot! WTF is he calling me with he Qhi flush? He stacks off with that I guess but I don’t think this deep he is going to re-raise and call it off! And I had set blockers! So instead of stacking him there I had to wait another 20 hands.

The final hand was pretty crazy. I min-raised A7xx and he repotted. I called. The flop was A77 with 2 diamonds. He bet out full pot and I called intending on letting him barrel off his remaining stack. If the flush came he would try and push me off of it and if the flush missed he would try and push me off of a missed draw.

The turn was the 8d and he checks. I decided there to bet out full pot and let him rep AA. He obliged and check/pot. I paused and cringed for a second until I realized he’s check/calling AA here pretty much always.

The river K didn’t make me feel too great but nonetheless I called. Villain showed K7xx. I thought about it for a while but I’m pretty sure he was turning a 7 into a bluff on the turn which is pretty good I guess if I ever bet a flush on the turn.

But I don’t.

Thanksgiving poker to come soon.

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November 25, 2009

Playing Multiple Games

For those of you who play multiple games – do you sit and say “I’m going to play ______ today?” Or let the action decide? I’m talking particularly heads up because with 6 max I think the clear answer is yes.

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November 24, 2009

More Poker and Podcast Still Coming

Joe wants our episode one to be epic and he wasn’t happy with the 1st one. The coding is all done and it will be out shortly. Thanks to the fans who waited!

Well, poker went pretty well today. I ran really bad vs. a few fish but it was all a matter of time. After doubling up a short stacker with the middle of me “well he shoves every hand I should call this”, he bet/called AI with a 9hi FD vs. My AQ on an A43T. I rivered a queen but not the right one.

Somehow this guy stuck around! WTF?! Anyway I ended up check calling all in with 84s on a 356K2. He had K9 for the “bet you wouldn’t have guess I had THAT” hand. Seriously. He folded to a ton of 3-bets and seeing as how he peeled a flop with K9s I like a 2nd barrel. Then given he bets K9 there I’d say I played every street perfectly. Unfortunately I would have shipped had I not hit and it would have blown up in my face. That being said I think I had 12 outs a ton (8 for the straight and 4 for the Ace as a bluff).

I even got to 2 table HULHE! And wow was it great. I ran SO BAD but it didn’t matter, it’s LHE! Like 5 hands of top pair and you win it back. 1 Villain would donk any piece and c/c the flop with everything else. He ran up like 30 bets on me in some sick sick coolers but seriously, what a soft spot! Like 15 minutes later he was bust.

One odd hand vs. him – I raise A4o he calls. Flop is A42, I call planning on raising the turn. The turn is a ten and he c/r’s? I 3-bet and he capped. I then raised his river donk. He showed me 35 and I dunno about my play. On 1 level – he 3-bet a ton (I left that out earlier). So i didn’t give him credit for a good ace or a pocket pair. I think that’s far, that if he has 2 pair I have him destroyed. The question is – do you think people donk out the nuts? Because I don’t. It’s such a rare spot in LHE but still worth considering.

Villain #2 was the least remarkable man on the face of the earth.

Thanksgiving is coming so have a happy one and don’t eat too much, the games will be good!

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November 23, 2009

The popokers and how it's going

Meh I’d say. Running pretty well for a bit. Had a few interesting hands today but a few things have been bothering me.

  • Been playing a ton of PLO lately. I’m wondering how big my edge is, and though it seems pretty significant the swings are pretty difficult to deal with from time to time. I leave tables open for other games but maybe I should be focusing more on 6max and FR O8 while the games are still great.
  • Interesting hand from today where i 3-bet 6789ds. I c-bet a J93r flop. My opponent folded to c-bets @ a pretty high frequency but would certainly call QQ+ here or a good jack. I binged an 8 on the turn that also gave me a flush draw. C/f? Bet? If I pot I’m getting ~3:1 on a ship. Tough spot.
  • The big pot for the day – I 3-bet 789T and called a 4-bet 200+ bbs deep. I led full pot on a JT7hh board (I had 8h). Villain calls. The turn was an off suit King and I had a little less than pot left. I bet out and got shown AQJ5 for the fail. My 4-outer was no good.
  • I know they’re bad beat stories I’m sorry. Some better ones now. Well the 1st one isn’t a bad beat story.
  • Calling a flop c-bet in a 3-bet pot with the intention of bluffing a flush card is great with a strong flush card blocker. Example: I peel a Kh8h2c board in a 3-bet pot with the Qh. Of course, I have some equity but I think having the Qh blocker removes a good chunk of strong-ish flushes my opponent will check to induce, as, especially in 3-bet pots, I find a lot of villains’ river betting range pretty polarized.
  • Don’t have a polarized river betting range vs. bad players. People don’t like to turn their value betting hands into bluffs. I think, especially where I’m at bankroll and skill wise for PLO, playing villains that are going to give me trouble in 3-bet pots or even just the river, is a bad idea.
  • I’m tired. Talk to you guys soon.

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October 28, 2009

Can't complain anymore about running bad

All in 8543 on a Q832 with 2 diamonds vs. QQxx with the flush draw and a i bing an os 6. Sheesh.

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October 27, 2009

Poka Poka POKAAA

Few rules as poker has been a horrible person lately.

1) Blogs are a good place to complain about run bad. Nobody wants to hear about it ever, except maybe your coach. I always want to hear when my students run like ass because it’s my job to make sure they aren’t playing like ass and simply running like it. So, if you are running like ass – DeucesCracked blogging platform is great.

2) I never thought I’d say anything mean on my blog but here goes – if you talk trash against someone HU, call them a fish, or in general trash talk in any game and then quit the villain, you’re an idiot. Simple as that.

This has nothing to do with me but in fact something to do with something that happened during a coaching session (of course my student was the victim).

3) If i can c/r b/c c/r as a bluff vs. you in HULHE you should never ever ever play me.

4) O8 right now is superior in almost every way to LHE, action wise.

5) Joe and I still do have a podcast and it’s still coming out. First week of November.

6) The justicewagon is planning a return.

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