April 27, 2010

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Chuck’s Life Advice – Items not to skimp on

Preface to Preface: I am not very old, very wise. Often, I’m not too bright. I like my life, I’m a happy guy. I general, when people ask me for non-poker advice I don’t like to give it because I consider my current outlook on the world in general a bit biased. BUT – there are some things I would tell anyone without flinching and consider it solid advice. This will be covered in Chuck’s life advice.

Preface: There are a lot of things you will have to buy when you finally get your own place. Some of them you will ruin – so no need to buy a nice one. Like a TV stand. I’ve never owned a nice one, I guess you could buy a REALLY nice one, but I find that the difference between a $100 TV stand and a $600 TV stand is not worth it (from experience =/).

Anyway, I will add those on a later date and I will also not post the preface always. Also, I will not post the preface to the preface, SO, if someone is like “lol, I’m supposed to listen to some guy who at one point drank more miller lite in a week than he did water?” – you can be like “nah read the advice, it’s pretty simple”.

SO – Items not to skimp on – we are going to cover 2

1 – Can Opener.

The amount you spend on a good can opener vs. a crap one (TRUST ME I HAVE OWNED A CRAP ONE! YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE ONE – THROW IT OUT!) is not much.

Wait, damn, $13 for a crap can opener? Jeez. Anyway, it seems a fancy one is $9 more. It is a must. I do not eat much out of cans. But, when I am eating out of a can I am hungry. Which is why I’m eating out of a can. I have opened enough cans with a leatherman to know you don’t want to do that. Trust me, buy a nice one.

Why this item?

As a man who does not open many cans, I found the upgrade significant and a new can opener was the best Xmas gift I received in 2009. Hands down.

2 – Toilet Paper.

I know. I used the crap stuff for years. Then I don’t know what happened. I bought this huge thing from costco and it ended up being crappy crap crap crap paper. Worst thing ever. Splurge on toilet paper. Or rotate. I think I’ll rotate.

Stupid smug Charmin bear. All I know is that if I was in the woods and saw a bear wiping his ass I would either never drink again or probably be dead minutes after because there is 0 chance that’s not some sort of distraction to trap me.

The chance for you is non-zero if you at any point in your life would have a picnic or “pic-a-nic” basket because it could be an over the top scheme to steal the aforementioned basket. Personally, I find picnics kind of annoying. Though blankets on grass are nice.

Why this item?

I would not consider paper towels a must “buy the nice ones” type item, so I feel like I’m not biased.

Damn, that was longer than I thought it would be.

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April 27, 2010

Weird Day

So most of you don’t know this but my favorite band is the Old 97’s. Anyone, I’m currently listening to one of their songs I’ve never heard. That’s pretty weird considering I assumed I’d heard them all.

Anyway, I did make a bit of a comeback today, which was nice. Stuck to my small stakes grinding plan. And it was nice.

Then I just got smacked around in 2 o8 games. I think it’s my biggest losing session at o8 to date – though I’ve never lost more than 50 bets in a session before. Granted it was shorthanded but it’s pretty standard jam, jam, jam, brick type stuff – though clearly I’m jamming a bit less on the turn and river. 3 or 4 bets here or there over and over again.

I think it’s time to take a few days off from poker, but we’ll see. I played pretty well today overall. I’ve had stretches worse than this for longer so hey what can you do. I just think it’s important to rememeber times like this, not so you “appreciate the good times”. Lol. If you can’t appreciate a good old fashioned upswing you are probably wound a bit too tight. No, so you can remember the next time you’ve got AQQ2 on the Q84 and A559 goes running hearts for all that gold.

Anyway, this Old 97’s song was pretty bleh so I’m not too sad I haven’t hear it before.

Pandora advice – don’t waste your song skips.

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April 26, 2010


So my new video DANZAS is out and I think it’s the nuts. Check it out and please lmk what you think. I’m working on episode 2 already – like I said in episode 1 I want the episodes to really build on each other so hopefully that comes across.

No blogging btw = terrible karma. What a horrible day at the tables. I had taken some time off and my “comeback” was going well (it was only like a month or so off. I then proceeded to lost about 20 buyins in a few days but hey that’s how it goes with these 4 card games. Looking through the dc at least 2 or 3 were just terrible play but beyond that I don’t really think i’d take a single hand back. It just get sick when you start flopping sets and thinking “man there’s no way I’m going to win this hand”. No idea why that happens. But I do know it means it’s time to close the laptop! That’s an easy lesson to learn haha.

I’m going to put in a bunch of volume at lower stakes this week to build back confidence and just get a better feel for when is a good time for me to be playing.

On a happy note – Pandora radio is the nuts. I hate Rob for not getting me to listen to it sooner.

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April 01, 2010

Looking at the session again.

I really don’t hate my play THAT bad. There are 2 hands that stick out, but I don’t hate my play at ALL, stats considered.

What a silly game.

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April 01, 2010

Really bad April Fools joke from FTP lol

Man oh man. So on the upside I did manage to get in 1k hands so far today, on the downside I’m losing several dollars a hand lol, all of that at NLHU (the PLOHU I also ran really bad at but that was for breakeven).

There was a point in the middle there where I knew quitting was the right play but stuck it out. I did regroup and started playing well, only to run into set over set. That’s supposed to happen in PLO lol! Not HUNL! That was the last nail in the coffin for me today.

I hate those months where you spend the first 3 weeks digging yourself out of a hole you dug on the first day but what can you do. I managed to change my perspective over the past few years so I wasn’t sweating results session to session, and that graduated to day to day and I guess now I’m month to month. I really have to work on looking at it all as 1 long session. Seems tough but if I put my mind to it whatever IMO.

You know, as a DC Founder you get a lot of questions regarding the future of poker. “What should I be playing?” One thing I’ve learned today is it doesn’t matter what you play – but whatever you do play, play it well. Jeez.

More humorous posts to be featured later in the day as there is finally sunlight in Manhattan. So that will put me in a good mood.

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March 25, 2010

These BLANK are making me BLANK!

Someone made a post on DC called “HUPLO is making me mad” and ever since reading it for the 5th or 6th time today I’ve been overcome with the strong desire to declare that pretzels are making me thirsty.

For those of you that listen to “Hey Ball” Joe and I have a 5k hand prop bet going for the week. I don’t think Joe has ever played 5k hands in a week because a) he is old and b) he plays stud and a lot of live poker. It seems like Joe put in a good chunk of RUSH O8 hands but I’m still convinced he won’t make it. That being said I’ve got 1 day to do it and am about 2k hands short. I don’t think it will be that big of a problem though.

My past few sessions of have been insane. I ran up 500bbs last night @ a shallow PLO table just binging the nuts and getting it in “untouchable” (I couldn’t lose. Wow, worst attempt at a poker catch phrase ever).

I played one guy HUHU yesterday. At one point he was up 10 buyins on me. I was tilting a bit in the middle there but snapped out of it rather quickly. He was just so aggro and once we got deep that was NOT good for him. I had to go to walk my dog and ended up quitting him though. He thought I was FOS for quitting him to “walk my dog” but I literally had to walk my dog. He was crying at the door. He started at around 5:30 and the trooper that he is he took a nap for an hour. Then he got up and it was “I shit in here or I shit outside” time. Hopefully I can play the guy again as he is still up 3 buyins on me and I know I can bust his account.

Other than that I’ve been better about playing and hopefully will keep that up. Poker is fun. For everyone. Even my opponents who don’t practice avoidance.

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March 04, 2010

They're taking the Donkey to Isengard!

We’re going to SXSW on March 11th. If you’re in Austin you better his us up because that means both me AND you get to drink for free.

I’m making this post so I can legitimize yelling to Joe “THEY’RE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISENGARD!” for 5 days non-stop. It’s going to be awesome. Here’s a sample -

Joe: I’m gonna check out this “You Customer and You” seminar. What about you?
Chuck: I’m gonna drink.
Joe: I would drink with you but I’m so old and my knee is made of cement like that cement dentists used to use when you were a kid. Where are Chris and Rob going?
Chuck: They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!

It’ll be much funnier when I get Krantz to capture it with a flip.

Speaking of awesome, our podcast IS up. Here’s the iTunes subscriber link – Joe
’s Old

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March 04, 2010

Pics you say?

Graph from last month. Pretty close to be honest but my actual graph had a nice little upswing on the end.

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March 04, 2010

Blargamel indeed!

If you see Josh, tell him he’s playing like a real jerk.

0 desire to play since I took the weekend off after playing so much poker I didn’t even have time to blog about it.

Back to the tables tonight even though I didn’t want to play and well, it didn’t go to well. A few naked flush draws and 1 bad shove later I’m in a decent hole to start march. Where I’m going to get the motivation to keep playing I don’t know but it shouldn’t be nearly as hard as I’m making it out to be.

For now, I’ll shower. I’ll be playing again tomorrow and will have some actual hands to post. Why haven’t I been posting hands? I’ve been secretly playing only 4 card games.

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January 19, 2010

Meh I'll talk about the cash

Jinxing myself with the “I am running good” post! Even though I just decided to through away like $250 at the new “Rush” tables on FTP (do NOT leave on animation, it made me want to puke lol) I have been running like god. I think I have been playing well of course but I know by now that it takes a little more than that to run this hot haha.

Been spending a ton of time with SThief who is the man. He may be my good luck charm. He is a great poker player and having someone around to talk hands with all day has been super nice – Joe has failed me here as he has been off tilting on the golf course and crushing like HO split.

I know. It’s not HO. Nobody told Joe for a while, but it was HA. Please give him epic amounts of shit for this. Even if he was folding every hand nobody having a low for like 2 orbits!??! INSANE! If Joe was coaching me and I told him that story I’d have my head hung mighty low.

I’ve played very little live cash and with the extra time added to my day (no dog walking and stuff) I’ve been stepping up my volume of online play. I really like playing a bunch more and though that’s very easy to do when you are running great I hope to keep up a decent volume through 2010. I’ve been playing every game that has been good, which seems to be a great strategy haha. Well, gambling on NLO8 cap with a bunch of aggro monkeys didn’t work out too well but hey what can you do. Turning 2 pair and getting shipped on by a gutshot in PLO will have to, as well as getting paid off by 2 pairs on a 3456K in O8. Basically, learn more games to increase your game selection. It will greatly increase your long term winrate. Take a look @ the high stakes action on FTP – all things considered this is the be all end all, yes? Probably the biggest and worst games (worst big games that is) in the world? And right now they’re 7game.

Josh has been rather taken back by the wonderous world of other games, as I think everyone who sweats me eventually becomes. Being able to bet because someone is just bad is not a luxury we’ve had for a few years now, but I think I told Josh I was betting 2 or 3 times because my opponent was “bad”.

Of course this means he will call too much and not check/raise enough but you get my point.

Anyway, on the topic of cash poker I’m going to start up some group coaching come the end of the football season. Joe and I will most likely be doing a mid-stakes HORSE group coaching session and I will be doing a HULHE on my own.

I’m pretty convinced that I a great SSHULHE coach after successfully taking someone who had never played online poker before and teaching them to beat 3/6 and 5/10 for > 4BB/100 (TRUE STORY!). I will be upping my coaching rate as well but the rates for the SSHULHE will be discounted (probably in a range similar to my rate right now for the first one if not a bit cheaper). I don’t know how much I can fit into a month but I plan on doing them monthly – this may or may not change when the whole thing is outlined.

Essentially what I’m looking to do is take 2/4 and 3/6 6max players and teach them HUHU and help them scoot through the rake trap and into 5/10. Being able to play both is great and if worst comes to worst and you can’t stomach hit and runners you’ll learn enough about board textures and bluffing that you’ll probably end up better at 6max anyway (hopefully).

I’ll make an announcement in the Coaching forum on DC when I’m all set up. Hopefully I get a few students as this is something I’ve really been looking forward to.

Wish me luck in the Bounty!

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