June 04, 2010

DC House Day 4 - Part 1

Joe is off to the $10k Stud Day 2. Honestly, I think I've seen Joe over-enthuse himself on some occasions in these donkaments but I have a pretty good feeling this time. The little things (like getting parking) are going right for Joe and even though I've seen him run like shit in some big big pots he is doing well on chips. Good for him. He's a guy who knows a shit ton about poker and deserves a good win. 2.67% of the field had received stud coaching from Joe at one point or another, which I think is an amazing statistic.

That is the last nice thing I will ever say about that old stick in the mud on this blog!

Chris is out to golf yet again. He choked hard yesterday to shoot a 100 - I need him to shoot less than that because I have action with Joe on a bet the two of them made on their rounds.

I'm just hanging home for now and taking it easy. Being here for 6 weeks I feel 0 obligation to run like a mad man to the strip every day. About 2 weeks into June I plan on playing a bunch of events and will be on the zombie schedule out of necessity so I might as well take these first two weeks to relax a bit.

More to come later as hopefully I will be at the Rio sweating Joe on his run to the final table.

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June 04, 2010

Successful Icing

For those of you who don't know Matt Parvis - he is a big deal at Poker News and one bad ass awesome dude. He was a real sport - a BIB rookie who took a knee and chugged it like a real man.

Congrats Matt, and welcome - the game is afoot!

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June 04, 2010

DC House Day 3 - Part 1

I awoke to Joe asking me if I would like some chipotle, which I declined believe it or not. Joe is currently in the stud event and it seems to be going pretty well. His table draw is pretty good it seems (some dude limping a ton and general disinterest in winning a hand of poker). In the meanwhile I decided to go play some o8 in the cash game room.

Warning - poker content below.

I don't know what's common practice when you're on a list but I decided to play 10/20 LHE in the meantime, as it was the only game that was open. The game was great so those of you looking for some good smaller LHE action go check out the Rio. I felt like I owned the table even though I lost. i got a seat then in a 20/40 1/2 kill game soon after being stuck a bit and moved over there.

It went even worse over there. I kept folding what used to be the nuts. All in all it seemed correct. I ended up folding the best hand twice - once after bet/calling 24XX on a 442 K board and being faced with 2 cold on the low completing river. The action went - I check, check, bet, I call, raise (this, I knew was A3), and the 3rd player 3-bet. He had A43X and my full house was good. Online I probably never fold but the game was so straightforward that I figured to be beat almost always.

The second hand I will be posting, it was kind of a sick spot, but I think I only have 2 options, both of which involve me folding at some point. So it's a kill pot. The kill checks, a good player limps, a tight player raises, a tight player in the SB cold calls, I call AdJh9d5h in the BB. The kill folds and we take a flop four ways.

The flop is Ts8s7d, so kinda yahtzee. Checks to the PFR who bets, the SB calls, I c/r the field. I think this is always going to be the best play given the fact that I can maybe make the good player fold some sort of weak low draw + FD, the PFR almost always has aces, and the tight player well, at least I have position on him.

Well that's all whatever because they all call! Jackpot of course until the 3s comes on the turn. I definitely think it's bet/fold or check/fold. I opted to check/fold and think it's right.

Other than that standard stuff. It is a bit weird losing live. It's much slower and a lot more shameful.

Anyway, back to the felt tomorrow!

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June 02, 2010

DC House Day 2 - Part 2

For the record, Joe can not be iced. Joe has opted out of the game, as has Chris. These two fools are not man enough to take a knee and chug.

Also - dangerous update - Joe is threatening to come play the poker with me tonight. And there was much rejoicing. See below for Joe claiming himself king of the makeshift mountain. Puns unintended. Also, anyone who makes a t-shirt that says "I climbed mount Robusto and they made me wear this shirt" - beers on me.

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June 02, 2010

DC House Day 2 - Part 1

The actions of Day 1 Part 2 are not going to be revealed just yet. Joe and I have some secret ops we are running, as well as ANOTHER set of secret ops that will take some user participation at some point.

This all is of course dependent on Joe not being a HUGE bag of fail, which, as of this point he has been. Some questions were raised as to the number of cases of beer the house has consumed so far. The answer? .1 cases. I had 3 beers yesterday and that's it. Joe claims he is sick but face facts he is just old. I try to drag him out of the house but we are of course sitting like a couple that should have broken up in college but I put on weight and he never really gave up on my potential on the couch with our matching laptops. The day is still relatively young but we'll see.

Chris still has chips in the triple draw tournament so he's headed over there shortly to hopefully run a little better than good and make a final table (you can't win it today so he can only make the final table).

Tonight I'll be out on the strip playing some friendly live poker with some of the pokernews guys we met in Australia. Trip report to follow. I don't plan on playing any tournaments for a few days, just because there are really none that interest me. I think the first one I'll end up in is the 6-max LHE but we'll see. I may play some Venetian deepstacks before then.

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June 01, 2010

DC House Day 1 - Part 1

So I'm pretty impressed with the house. We (Chris, Joe, and I) are a modest bunch and this house is about as nice as I'd expect a house for the three of us to be without feeling out of place. The back yard is super small but it has a pool and a hot tub for ultimate awkward bro hang out fest 2010.

After a night in the Venetian playing some low stakes O8 in order to take advantage of the free beer policy these fat-cats put in place at a casino and some blackjack where I dusted off whatever i had won and then some - wait I'm getting ahead of myself.

Chris had an epic idea at dinner time - we took some cash to the craps table. If we ran good we were going to Carnevino for dinner. Run bad? Grand Lux. I highly recommend this way of thinking. After 3 shooters we were getting ready for some buffalo chicken spring rolls but then Chris took the dice. He made two points I think and then it was my time to shine. Unfortunately, I am bad at craps in that I routinely bet pass line + max odds + 1 hard way. This is fine if you are making or missing but I was pretty much rolling non-stop for 30 minutes. I made a few points, one clutch "thirty three" to pay me out nicely and we hit Carnevino - I'd say in style but let's face it I was wearing a DeucesCracked t-shirt.

So now Chris and I leave the Venetian in the AM after he rolled in at about 4:30. We get to the house. It is sweet. I will put up some pics later on. Chris declines the 7 card stud hand flip for the PLO variety. Straight over set and Chris is now stuck in a room that looks like Willy Wonka painted it for the summer.

Our first few days here we are hanging with Joe's wife and kid. One thing I've learned is that juice is a hot commodity for little kids. Joe's baby (who kinda isn't a baby anymore but whatever) loves juice. She is all jacked up for it all the time.

Anyway, more to come. Run good all and see you at the home game!

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May 30, 2010

Ish Just Got Real

Game 1.

See below. The game is on and has been on for a while. Pleas enjoy.


Game 2.


Again, the ish is real. The taste...is bad. BRACE FOR EPIC BLOG IN VEGAS 2010!

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May 12, 2010

Recent Blog Post - No Title?

Full Tilt Poker $8/$16 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo – 2 players
The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter

Pre Flop: (1.5 SB) Hero is BB with 9 Heart 2 Heart 7 Spade 4 Heart
BTN/SB raises, Hero calls

Flop: (4 SB) T Heart K Diamond 7 Club (2 players)
Hero checks, BTN/SB bets, Hero raises, BTN/SB 3-bets, Hero calls

Turn: (5 BB) K Club (2 players)
Hero bets, BTN/SB calls

River: (7 BB) K Heart (2 players)
Hero bets, BTN/SB raises, Hero 3-bets, BTN/SB folds

Final Pot: 11 BB
Hero wins 10.969 BB
(Rake: $0.50)

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May 03, 2010

Stupid MAY. What do YOU know.

I spent most of my weekend outside and putting off my 1st session of May, along with taking care of some other work/chores. It has finally gotten hot enough that I need my air conditioner but unfortunately the guy I rent from didn’t give me a new one yet. So my apartment kinda smells like a hospital. I hate that smell.

To top it off I find 2 dream seats in 2 o8 games and proceed to get completely MURDERED. A week or so after by biggest o8 loss ever I top it. Standard stuff. Flop set + FD + low draw and gutter gets there and you call like a fish. I honestly did fold a ton of rivers in that spot (mulitway pot donks) and was right. I think I played one hand really bad which cost me about 2 bets. The other that i MAY have played bad you could argue I played well. Other than that just standard 1 outers (yes that’s plural) and flopping nut low + super wrap and jamming and bricking. That game can be super sick when it wants to be. Nonetheless the game was juiced and I played well and the loss was sub 100 BBs so LOL. I mean, if every hand in LHE you had JTdd and the flop was 3c8d9d and it always went turn 8s river 9s for some reason I feel like you would lose a lot more than in o8.

This heat thing is real frickin’ bogus. There was also some weird accident outside my building today. I should have taken that as an omen to drink a ton and watch scooby-do reruns. Somewhere out there is a kid who was TERRIFIED of that show. Saw NO humor in a talking dog with an addiction to “scooby snacks” and the ability to foil plots masterminded by evil geniuses. I’m pretty sure I know him (Rob – it’s Aaron).

Did they make money from solving those mysteries? I feel like not. In that case, were they in high school? They looked wayyyyy too old for high school. I would say they must be college students but Shaggy couldn’t get into bovine university.

Wait. Unless his parents were super rich.

Boom, just scooby’d that mystery. Shaggy was a trust-fund baby pot-head whose parents just throw money at all his problems. He got this van and a genetically engineered dog to make some friends because years and years of being sheltered from the “real world” made it tough for him to talk to real people.

I could continue to speculate as to how the rest of the Scooby Doo Defective Agency (ship the emo band name!) got involved but I’ll save that for a time when I actually am drinking. For now, I will say that if I could force anyone to work with Scooby and the gang it would 110% be house. Clearly House actually IS scooby doo if you think about it.

F*ck it’s hot.

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April 28, 2010

1st time for everything

I get it in 35xx to QJ66 on an 853. After spiking an 8, the villain apologizes, tells me calling was a misclick and that he was going to send me back $5.

I just got the xfer.

Granted he hit and ran me but man that’s pretty lol.

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