February 26, 2012

Hello DC Community

iffs on my poker carrer

- 05-08 fixed limit up to 10/20 ->busted roll cuz of wrong BRM(not willing to move down)

- 09 started playing NL from micros to 200NL ->busted roll cuz of wrong BRM(not willing to move down)

10-11 grinded 50$ through the micros up to 200 and 400NL, learned alot about mental game -> busted 50% of roll learning PLO other 50% were on FTP.

- 12 I've deposited 50$ again and I'm currently on my way through the micros. I work alot on my game and try to fix my biggest leaks (math and mentalgame)

The idea for this blog came when I came accros the video from krantz "Mentor: KRANTZ (#9) - Training and Practice" where this 2+2 Thread is discussed.

From then I began working alot and not just browsing the forums and watching videos like a robot.

I hope that through this blog I will get some input on my thoughts and hands that I'll be posting.

I just moved up to 25NL today and I'll try to post updates regulary.

My goal is to play 400NL by july and 600-1000 by the end of this year.


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