February 21, 2011

last post in Feb I guess

So, here I am. I wanted to play like 50 hours til the end of the month and I think I have played like 18 hours so far. I am happy with my volumne, but not with the results. Tbh, right now I am getting a little bit coolered more often then normal. That's ok obv, but it just sucks. I really hope it will end as fast as possible, because right now I haven't stopped dreaming of 20k month overall which would be pretty awesome (well obv is obv^^).

For the first time in my life I experience that player don't want to play me. I normally start tables and I get a few regs to help me, but the last days I got like no action. When finally a fish sit down 4 other regs took their seat and that's pretty annoying. I hope that changes quickly.

Yesterday I wanted to play a tournament again. I am not a big tournament player, I used to play them like 2-3 years ago before I switched to cashgame, but from time to time I like to play them. I choosed to play the Sunday WarmUp on PokerStars, because it matched with my cashgame grind. I got pretty lucky in one spot early when I was down to 3-4k chips when I got it in with 86ss vs AKss to flop 2p, river a FH. Blinds were relativ high at that point so I decided to ship over his 3b because I figuered out he would have a lot of AQ/AJ etc in his range against which I have at least a few outs. Tbh, I have no idea if this is common tournament strategy anymore. After that I managed to build a big stack and near the bubble my table was nitty so let's go maniac. That's what I really enjoy about tournaments. What I don't enjoy is, that if someone plays is hand as poorly as possible, but hits his 10% on the river after c/r turn with buttom pair. After that hand I was down a lot, but had a solid stack to work with. But, for whatever reason he called my reshove with QJo when I had ATo, and obv he gets there. I guess it is this type of thinking: "if I loose this amount of chips it doesn't hurt me, but if I win this amount of chips it will help me getting to the final table and win that thing". lol donkaments :( I really feel his call is terrible, but ok, if you play for the long run, you want him to call. Just ugly to play a tournament for so many hours and then being out because of two hands where someone got pretty lucky.

Ok, enough complaining. I played the WarmUp 2 times this month and I cashed 2 times. Not that bad, even variance won't let me do this everytime ;) For the last 8 days I have to play 32 hours, so 4 hours a day, and I hope I can manage to win some money over that period of time. I'll let you know!

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