August 30, 2010

Goodnight Redsox

  • Ughh, it's amazing that the last 2 losses of the season killed the Redsox and highlighted what was wrong with the team. Okajima and Delcarmen falling off a cliff along with nobody else really stepping up, Yamico Navarro as the starting second baseman, and a bunch of other things. Once again they played hard but came up short against Tampa which has been a recurring and humbling trend since 2008. It's about this time in which I morph into anyone but the Yankees mode so go Rangers, Padres, Rays, etc anyone but the Yankees. When they win the World Series it's not a ton of fun to be a Sox fan in NY.
  • While I don't bet sports anymore I did place a few futures bets at the beginning of the year. The 3 bets were Lester over 14.5 wins (He's currently at 14), Markakis over 182.5 hits (He's on pace for 177), and Joe Mauer over 164.5 hits (He's on pace for 176). So I'm looking really good on Mauer and Lester and OK on Markakis. Lester is probably my favorite Redsox and Mauer is by far my favorite non-redsox. I've spent so much time breaking down his swing this year that it was an easy bet for me to make figuring he'd have a really good chance if he stayed healthy.
  • Shot a -9 in our scramble which was good enough for second place. I'm really hitting the ball well lately and it's fun to see the improvement. I'm hoping to break 85 before the end of the fall.
  • Funny story from the scramble. Our foursome won a bunch of raffle tickets by "getting closer than the hack" on a par 3, I think we won like 60 overall and they had about 12 raffles. Well we decided to dump all 60 into one, maximizing our shot at winning. They had a bunch of nice prizes including a TV that would've been impossible to split 4 ways, but one caught our eye. "Lottery tickets and Beer" we saw that and immediately dumped all 60 in there, of course we lost.
  • My father runs a beverage center here in upstate NY. One of the great things about this is the beer distributors often give him free seats. I've spent a bunch of times in suites over the years thanks to these people. I may have gotten incredibly lucky again as Heineken has a box in Ashe stadium in which I'll probably be sitting in again on Tuesday night, can't wait should be a blast.
  • I love the quote at the bottom, I think it describes baseball perfectly for any fan, parent or coach  (as a player it's easy)


A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings.  ~Earl Wilson

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