June 18, 2010

Continuing the World Cup Blog...

I'll be posting Half time and Full time opinions on here and updates during the match on my Twitter feed (BoomerDC).

I do highly recommend OTR's blog though for play-by-play of the US matches...that's some great stuff.

By the way, at BBB's direction I looked up Robert Green on Wikipedia and went through some of the history...avert your eyes if you're sensitive:

Edit 1:

Prick, stupid mistake against USA.

Edit 2:

Green scored a own goal in his first start at the 2010 FIFA World Cup against the United States, a game he should never have been selected for. WHERE IS JAMES?!?

Edit 3:

On 10 October 2009, he became the first ever t**t to be sent sucked off, during the penultimate game of qualification against Ukraine, for a professional BJ on Artem Milevskiy early in the game. England went on to lose 1–0 because hes a t**t.[26][27]

Edit 4:

In the summer of 2008, Green f****d a man during a gay event for LGBT.[29]  He has stated that ex straight reserve gays BJing coach Martin Cock inspired him to become a gay after a talk at Green's rehab. He is a fan of men

Wow, one little mistake that may not even matter....

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June 14, 2010

My Music's Here!!

User Uploaded Image

Large Amounts of YAY!!

First of all an explantation about the picture.  I was excited to take a pic, then i realised there was a bunch of stuff on the sofa there shouldn't be in a picture so whatever, you get the gist.

I went for the easier versions of the books to get me warmed up (the most important is in the middle anyway) since I actually worked out it has now been 15 years since I had any form of piano tuition. (Of course with someone nearby going "gimme gimme" to the easy version of Phantom I proceeded to rattle off The Entertainer from finger memory and Phantom/Music of the Night to what I felt sounded about right which got me one of those "Don't do that again" looks only women can master). The exception to that rule is "The Last 5 Years".  I remember Tori saying she thought Andrew Lloyd Webber was a sadist for some of the scale changes and time changes he did in Phantom.  Well he ain't got shit on Jason Brown.  No wonder one of the lines in The Last 5 Years is "Why does this pianist hate me?".  He hates you becasue of what he has to play!!!

I'm really looking forward to this, I may not have been great when I was 12 but I had some talent and was around about intermediate exam-wise and there's plenty of years left yet.  Just a little practice....alright a lot.

And one other thing....

What kind of shapes is my cat throwing??? 

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No I don't know either


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June 12, 2010

Final Whistle

Well overall I'm not too unhappy with 1-1 for a couple of reasons.

1) The US are better than everyone, certainly in the UK was giving them credit for.  They've beaten Spain and took Brazil to the limit recently.  They're 2nd favourites in the group so our fate is still in our own hands.

2) The reason it was 1-1 was due to an individual howler, something you cannot legislate for.  Aside from that and the US's breakaway where Green redeemed himself somewhat I think no-one could have complained if England had won converting one of their 2nd half chances. 


I think Heskey played very well

Rooney improved towards the end of the game

Gerrard and Lampard were fine if unspectacular


SWP doesn't belong in an England shirt.  He has no vision, very little skill and there are just much better players out there in his position.  He used to be something special, he hasn't developed.  This should be the last tournament we see him take any part in until he grows up as a player.

Green: What can you say?  I'd be pissed at a 10-year old conceding a goal like that

Milner: I heard he wasn't 100% so he can be slightly excused but that was pretty embarrassing.

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June 12, 2010

I'm Drunk right?? I didn't just see that??

No no, apparently I did.

Well first half thoughts, I thought it was pretty ugly but England were just the better team showing a little bit more quality but overall very scrappy and not a lot of quality on show.

England's Goal was apparently well worked but the problem was I didn't see it because ITV HD went to an ad break by accident and when they came back 1-0 England.  To be honest I saw England scoring another before half time but nothing really materialised and then disaster.  Limiting your opposition to pot shots from 25 yards which, apart from a few hairy set piece moments was what the US had, is usually signs that you have reasonable control but what you can't allocate for is a defensive howler and that will haunt Rob Green forever, especailly if England don't win this match.

Well 2nd half just started and england look ok so far so I'll be back soon.

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June 12, 2010

Two hours From kick off

...and I'm nervous.  Not about the game, I'm well used to England failure in major competitions but what I truly fear is how badly my Skpye is going to explode if England lose tonight.  It's going to be like watching a horror movie :( .  I'll just take a positive result plz.

On the subject of horror I'm back at the tables now for the first time since the US and now hopefully for a while.  It's started off well, won 25BB this morning at mostly super short games at 1/2.  I think I'm beginning to get a handle on the games, at first I was baffled by the amount of spew going on and started levelling myself, in my opinion, into what were potentially bad plays whereas now it's more along the lines of "yes you know what he has to be doin is bad, just put up with it and beat it" rather than me wondering about "Well he SHOULDN'T be doing this with...".  Either way bit of a pickup recently and we'll see how it goes.

Also I make accidental sick A-high Value Bets.  Just sayin'

Don't know if I mentioned this but the current plan is to play on Full tilt until about Mid-July, then I'll conglomerate my existing roll into one site and I'll hopefully be back to higher stakes from then.  Exciting.

Personal life is still meh, but what are you gonna do?  I have an action plan to improve it and I just have to stick with it for the moment.  I'm actually hoping getting back on the tables will allow me to make some bolder decisions and be more dictating rather than dictated to as that's when you have the power, when the potential consequences to you of a decision are no longer the guiding factor and you can make a decision because you're confident it's right.  Sounds like tiltlessness in a way doesn't it? :)


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June 09, 2010


Brag: I has a PS3 now!!  Any recommendations? 

Beat: I'm sick as a fucking parrot which is stopping me getting on with stuff and it's not backwards compatible, he PS3 that is!

Variance: Kept my PS2 around anyway and a Wii will be my reward for being a good boy and meeting them targets I mentioned.

I'm going to go for a siesta now....I hate being ill.

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June 06, 2010

Weight and Poker Targets

Well that actually didn't turn out as badly as it could have done.

Yes, as anyone who's seen me would know I'm still pretty overweight but the good news for me is that I'm actually 2 stone (~30lb) down from my worst point which was at the turn of the year so now I know what I have to work towards.  I'm never going to be silflike just due to my shoulders/legs etc but I can at least get into a position where I'm happy if I walk by a mirror accidentally with my shirt off the mirror won't spontaneously explode out of self-pity.

So my target I want to aim for is another 40-45lb with a long term potential goal set at 60-65lb although that may be really stretching it, I'll have to probably go into lunatic mode to lose the final 20lb but it's more than possible.  I'm going to be doing pretty much exclusively cardio stuff at the gym, treadmill, cycle and rowing machine being the primary equipment for the moment.

Poker-wise I'm going to actually start putting hands in now and try and aim for ~10k hands every month between now and the end of the year.  I've dicked around for far too long at lower limits and I'm better than that so time to do something about it.

We'll see how far i can get with this, I personally predict an "OMG My LEGS!!" post tomorrow but can't have everything :)

Take Care


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June 05, 2010

Time to Get On Track

OK I think I've finally recovered from my trip.  It wasn't that I was jetlagged for 5 days or anything but what happened was that my sleep pattern went out of whack and I was still partially on US time I didn't go to bed until 2-3am here and having to get up at 6am to work kinda lead to serious sleep debt which culminated last night in me falling asleep at about 6pm and waking up at 8pm thinking I was late for work....not fun. 

Anyway it's now time for me to re-focus.  A few things recently, which I'm not willing to talk about on an open forum, sorry, have caused me to re-examine my priorities and what I want to do with myself.

First thing tomorrow I'm going to head down to the gym and get a current handle on where I stand and then I'll set some targets to aim for for myself and post them here.

Music-wise I've just ordered about £50 worth of books, mainly scales and exercises along with some musical theatre stuff which is at my level, and I'll be re-starting once I receive them.  I am going to try and get myself back up to the standard I was, I'd just passed Grade 3 when I made the decision to give up (One of my only REAL regrets in life) so I suppose that would count as early intermediate but I'm not sure how American grading works.  The reason it's a regret of mine is that apparently my music teacher was gutted I'd quit due to the fact he thought I had a great deal of natural talent which to be honest he may have been right becasue my work ethic wasn't brilliant and I still passed the first grade with Distinction and the 3rd with merit (skipped 2 becasue he thought it wasn't worth it).  Fortunately in music terms I still have time to change that.  I'll set some targets for that once I've had time to figure out if I can call back on that talent I once had.

Right what else?

We had our first "meal from the garden" today.  Long story short we bought a polytunnel (plastic greenhouse) a month or two back and my mum has been spending all her free time in there and today we had fresh salad leaves and Radishes from the garden with some gammon and potatoes and despite my bias, I have to say it was one of the nicest salads I've ever had, an the balsamaic dressing mmmmm.  I'm not sure my mum's dream of "Xmas dinner from the Garden" will come to fruition this year but this was a very good start...one way of living "The Good Life" I suppose.

Oh I'm going to contact my dad and see if he wants to go and see War of the Worlds.  I have my Les Miserables tickets now but I really want to see War of the Worlds and if I can't do the MEN I am actually willing to travel anywhere in the UK to see it.

Poker-wise I'm going to re-start tomorrow I believe.  I'm going to be playing 1/2 on Full Tilt and 2.5/5 on Betfair for the moment.  We'll see how that changes in the next few weeks.  Will keep y'all updated.

Take Care Guys


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June 02, 2010

Less emo More Ice Tea

I decided to delete my last 4 line blog due to:

1) It being a whiny bitch post about how it took 112 seconds to get pissed off once I was back at work....well shit happens when you work a 9-5 deal with it

2) It was made from my phone and thus in MEGA FONT!!

So I'm going to change the subject.  As previously mentioned in the UK we pollute "builder's" tea with milk and thus Lipton and Nestea have deemed us unworthy of their products.  HA!! Say that to the 5 litres of Ice Tea in my fridge now Nestea!!!  There's also 3 litres of Hoegaarden...yes I went nuts...so sue me.

Additionally I've found out that it's the War of the World's 30th Anniversary Show in Manchester in December....soooo want to go to that to...this is going to ruin me but at least I'll be very entertained, and get out of the house.  That's good too.

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June 01, 2010

I Knew this would be expensive

At one point during my US odyssey Lysistrata and i were sitting around randomly watching some concerts on Youtube and she noticed how in the 10th Anniversary of Les Miserables the characters were on fixed mics and not acting out the scene as is more standard in musical theatre.  i pointed out how the action was going on in the background.  I was then asked if this was how all British Musical theatre was and I couldn't come up with a correct answer.  I remember seeing Cats when i was about 5 and I'm sure there was acting then and the same is true for War of the Worlds but I don't know if that was just something specific to that rendition of Les Mis.

So obviously I joked this was going to cost me a lot of money to find out...

Then today i realised what an old fart I am now...this year is Les miserables 25th Anniversary in the UK.  25th??!!! That's SO Unfair.  I can't be that old!! Wait a minute....*mumbles something about "carry the 3"*......bugger me :(

But anyway, I can't miss that can I?  Plus the Salford performances (i.e. the ones I can get to which aren't in London) occur a week after my 28th birthday.  Seems like a fine present to myself.  I'm going to see when War of the Worlds is next in town too as, combined with Les Mis, they are the 2 enduring Musical pieces from my childhood.  I've never actually seen the whole of Phantom/Evita or many of the other Lloyd Weber classics and my favourite off-broadway musical, The Last 5 Years, is not currently being performed anywhere within reach so that'll have to wait.


EDIT: Update, I have now booked my seat for 19th August @ 19:30 in Salford....YES I BUY ON IMPULSE!!

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