October 17, 2009


First blog from new man-cave

It’s not 100% complete yet but it’s enough that I could move the PC and get the furniture set up…by furniture I mean PC, PC Chair, Relaxing chair (what an effor tthat was to build), stand with electronic whoop-ass on it and rug.

Still to do:

Projector Screen
Speakers (ugh nightmare imo)

It’s all falling into place

As you canprobably tell feeling much better at the moment, I don’t think I’m ready to get back grinding yet as I’m having a little trouble concentrating before i get a headache but I may give it a try tomorrow.

We’ll see how hanging everything goes…

I’m betting on family warfare tbh

EDIT: 7 hours later

I don’t believe this, it just took me 6-7 hours to figure out I need a wire to conduct electricity!!!

Now one of the new chairs is a massage recliner but the footstool wasn’t working as it should and I didn’t think the seat was either….of course I forgot the back support was connected to the seat via nothing but screws so how was the electricity for the motor supposed to get there???

“Oh maybe it’s through that bit that’s dangling loose at the bottom”


At least it works now :)

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Boomer posted on October 24, 2009 at 21:42 PM


It'll be completed this weekend, I'll post pics then, both before and after.

I did manage to do the dojo this week from the comfort of my new chair with Teamviewer on the projector so it's all falling into place nicely :)


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