February 18, 2011

Great Mood...

For some reason recently I've been in a great mood despite:

1) "Encountering" what appears to be a brick on the motorway and it deciding both my tyres and my alloy wheels needed holes.  I must say the car didn't drive it's nice smooth self after that...

2) The £400 bill from subsequent bump

3) The £500+ bill I'm about to receive for my car's service

Can you see a pattern here????

4) The fact I'm working in a bit of a wierd atmosphere atm, not going to expand on a public blog but let's just say I enjoy my time away.

5) Did I mention I was in an accident and consequently had to get a bus into work which involved getting up at 5:30am and getting in at 7pm??

And yet at the moment I'm wearing a beaming smile about 3 feet wide.  I swear I'd be mistaken for trollface himself if I was just bleached a bit, and maybe a bit older.

What??? 28 isn't old!!!!

The coaching and videos are going great for anyone interested in that, I think it was my 9th video that came out today and I got my first "1st" in the comments thread...I'm so proud.  I'm back at the tables and having fun, hope to have some results for y'all soon.

I'm also doing a Freespace Walkthrough on Youtube at the moment in what little spare time I have, the game's awesome and you should play it and also leads to fun bits like at the end of the below video when i kill myself with my own missile...bear in mind I haven't played this game for 5 years and bought a new joystick to play it with so I suck :)

Have fun guys and hope to see you around more....sorry for being lazy :p

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richbrown posted on February 18, 2011 at 17:24 PM


ah man u blatantly got some! ;)

nice one.

sehex posted on June 05, 2018 at 07:33 AM


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