September 06, 2009

Not a good way to start the month

I was looking to try and get 300VPPs worth of play in today (about 3 hours) but I’m afraid I’m done for the day today as any further play I would do would be on tilt.

Just had one of those days where I’ve flopped massive draw after massive draw and missed and my opponents have hit miracle after miracle after miracle to manage to screw me out of pots. (like literally I’m something like 2 for 12 on 14+ out draws and that gets expensive)

Afraid it was an “everything goes wrong” day. You catch the guy bluffing the flop with A-high, he turns/rivers some BS pair, any card which gives you 2 pair or a SD-able hand makes your opponent’s retard-end gutshot straight, or my favourite one where the guy turns AQo into a bluff on the river and you call down with AJ (the guy was 75VPIP no it wasn’t a VB). Definitely an irritating day and tbh not what I needed at this point so I certainly won’t be playing any further today.

Finished with SD figures of 30/48 bascially saying, if you had a draw you missed, if you flopped anything SD-able the board came nightmareish and btw FU on the river :)

So today’s sadly ended early:

Hands: 514
VPPs: 232
Results: ($213.00)

Ah well, always tomorrow.

FWIW I’m waiting for the members section to upgrade it’s certificate so Firefox doesn’t bark at me and I’ll upload Part 1 of the Sweat Vid. some interesting spots, certainly a couple where I play bad…I’m certainly not making things easy for myself here.

I think 3/6 may have to wait until I get myself sorted out.

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