July 07, 2010

The Truth is Often found in the Funny...

Yes Minister was a program on British TV over 30 years ago.  A satire based on the British Government Workings and the Civil Service.  It's taken on Legendary status in the UK, a lot of which falls on the shoulders of the actors who player their parts perfectly.  Now yes some of the skits were probably OTT but if you look in there's a lot of hidden truth. It's also probably one of the reasons I like Dilbert.  Comedy is often closer to the truth than you think.

1) Why Opinion Polls are Pretty Much Worthless

2) Why Consciences Are Not For Those in Government

3) Why Government Will Never Be Completely Democratic Especially At Local Level

4) The Banking Crisis...Known About 30 years Ago

No Wonder Maggie Thatcher thought it was good.  She believed it to be close to the reality she had to go through.

Anyway moving on...

I'm now back at the tables after a long break and a lot has happened.  What I'm going to do to get back into the groove and because I think it'll give you blog readers something to watch/laugh about I'll be recording videos weekly and posting them in the Member Vid section.  I'm doing this for a few reasons, some selfish, others not

1) I'm out of practice and would love to get some feedback.  I have worked on theory but theory and practice are two different things

2) As has been mentioned it's been a while since there was any low limit LHE stuff so, as bad as it may be, it may at least be entertaining for guys to watch.

3) So I can catch my real time thought processes and analyse them

4) It'll be fun....I'll even make intros....

You don't believe me on the intros do you??

Yes, very tongue in cheek but I enjoy making vids...that's why I have 120 on Youtube....jeez that took a lot of time (The 120, not the Intro).  by the Way extra Brownie Points if you recognise that music without cheating.

This is the 2nd attempt to get this RTR:Boomer off the ground.  I'll be starting on Full Tilt with about $1200.  Since I can't reload currently, that may change soon but currently I'm being careful, I'll be a little nittier than normal on Bankroll management (i.e. shot taking at 400BB for new level rather than the 300 I'd initially planned).

First vid...due Saturday if you didn't watch the intro for the first ep (grrrr), I'll be playing 1/2 6-max.  I have signed up for the Rush promo too so I think the 2nd vid will probably be Rush of some form.  Even if I move up, or hit the BR limit to move up, I may still record a couple of lower limit vids if the feedback is good, or I feel like I'm playing like a retard, either is fine.

So wish me luck, if you don't want to that's fine too but I'd appreciate it, and hope to get some of your feedback.

Take Care Guys, Boomer


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RedHot posted on July 09, 2010 at 17:14 PM


Nice intro, I am looking forward to these videos! I am assuming real time rather than through the re-player( I like watching both).

Yes Minster/Yes Prime Minister - I haven't seen them for a while. Close to the bone, for sure - very pointed and still relevant. A lot of acting talent there - Paul Eddington was always under-rated imo. Nigel Hawthorne went on to great things of course.

Good luck with RTR.


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