June 27, 2010

England vs Germany - Preview

Well first off comiserations to the US on their defeat against Ghana last night.  From teh 2nd half I though the US deserved to win however sadly football isn't like that and once Ghana scored in extra time it was always going to be a long way back.

And that brings me on to England vs Germany.

This is, certainly, England's biggest game in International Football.  Only the Argentinians come close in rivalry between us and the Germans, be it West Germany, unified Germany or, as it's been since 1966 in major tournaments F***ing Germany!! 

Germany have had the indian sign over us for a long time in major tournaments, however it's usually been either our own stupidity or lack of ability on penalities which has defeated us. 

In 1970 we were 2-0 up and sadly our 2nd choice Keeper had a bit of a mare and then West Germany went throguh 3-2 after extra time. 

In 1990 it was the ignomany of penalities.  I was 7 at the time, in floods of tears like Paul Gascoigne and have never been able to watch the game since.  West Germany went on to win the World Cup, something I also think England would have done becasue Argentina were woeful in that World Cup.

In 1996 England absolutely battered at the door for 120 minutes including Alan Shearer missing from 6 inches but again it was to be decided on penalties and again, obviouisly, the germans won the game and the European Championships, again something I'm sure England would have done.  Hey this is a pattern....

Games in qualification are a different matter and England currently hold the short term advantage in recent memory.  A 1-0 win in the 2000 European Championships which meant nothing in the end, a 5-1 win in Munich and a recent 2-1 win in a friendly but in the games that truly matter....ugh I hate to say it but the Germans are more clinical.  

So...these games are always tight.  I checked Betfair last night and it was the closest to a push I've ever seen a game on there at 2.8/3/3.2 for England/Germany/Draw.  Given the odds on Betfair usually favour England this bascially means nobody knows and that's pretty much always the way it is with England vs Germany.

Looking at the run in both sides have, Argentina, then probably Spain, then probably Brazil you'd have to say even for the winner of this game the odds are totally stacked against them winning this competition.  But then again this is the last chance for many of the England players and for the Germans it's a new team playing without fear.  If you want to be legends a win over the old enemy is a great way to start...

So Come On England and let's have a cracking game...and no penalties please.  I can't handle that again.

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