June 23, 2010

So....Ze Germans huh?

This is going to be a very interesting game and the likelihood is the winner gets Argentina and then Brazil, then probably Spain.....just great.

That said recent history is on England's side, we won the most recent match vs Germany 2-1 and in the last competitive match we spanked them 5-1 and Emile Heskey scored for god's sake.  (It was a long time ago)

I think if both teams play to capacity England are a better side and should win but England haven't hit top form yet and the Germans looked slick tonight vs Ghana. That said the Germans can definitely be beaten and I think if Rooney's not injured and Enlgand play on top form, and there's nothing like a match vs Germany to get you on top form then we can beat this.  Hint of irony that we'll have to go through our 2 biggest international rivals to get to Brazil and the semis but if you're gonna do it, mise well beat everybody.

I intend to srs blog tomorrow about something that's really been on my mind recently but for tonight, celebrate the US and England going through, a good England performance and a match with the old enemy to look forward to

And a 59-59 5th set at Wimbledon....what the hell?

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OnTheRail15 posted on June 24, 2010 at 02:49 AM


Sorry I didn't get to live blog the match. Was out all night and too tired and nervous to do anything but watch. Congrats on getting through.


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