June 06, 2010

Weight and Poker Targets

Well that actually didn't turn out as badly as it could have done.

Yes, as anyone who's seen me would know I'm still pretty overweight but the good news for me is that I'm actually 2 stone (~30lb) down from my worst point which was at the turn of the year so now I know what I have to work towards.  I'm never going to be silflike just due to my shoulders/legs etc but I can at least get into a position where I'm happy if I walk by a mirror accidentally with my shirt off the mirror won't spontaneously explode out of self-pity.

So my target I want to aim for is another 40-45lb with a long term potential goal set at 60-65lb although that may be really stretching it, I'll have to probably go into lunatic mode to lose the final 20lb but it's more than possible.  I'm going to be doing pretty much exclusively cardio stuff at the gym, treadmill, cycle and rowing machine being the primary equipment for the moment.

Poker-wise I'm going to actually start putting hands in now and try and aim for ~10k hands every month between now and the end of the year.  I've dicked around for far too long at lower limits and I'm better than that so time to do something about it.

We'll see how far i can get with this, I personally predict an "OMG My LEGS!!" post tomorrow but can't have everything :)

Take Care


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