June 05, 2010

Time to Get On Track

OK I think I've finally recovered from my trip.  It wasn't that I was jetlagged for 5 days or anything but what happened was that my sleep pattern went out of whack and I was still partially on US time I didn't go to bed until 2-3am here and having to get up at 6am to work kinda lead to serious sleep debt which culminated last night in me falling asleep at about 6pm and waking up at 8pm thinking I was late for work....not fun. 

Anyway it's now time for me to re-focus.  A few things recently, which I'm not willing to talk about on an open forum, sorry, have caused me to re-examine my priorities and what I want to do with myself.

First thing tomorrow I'm going to head down to the gym and get a current handle on where I stand and then I'll set some targets to aim for for myself and post them here.

Music-wise I've just ordered about £50 worth of books, mainly scales and exercises along with some musical theatre stuff which is at my level, and I'll be re-starting once I receive them.  I am going to try and get myself back up to the standard I was, I'd just passed Grade 3 when I made the decision to give up (One of my only REAL regrets in life) so I suppose that would count as early intermediate but I'm not sure how American grading works.  The reason it's a regret of mine is that apparently my music teacher was gutted I'd quit due to the fact he thought I had a great deal of natural talent which to be honest he may have been right becasue my work ethic wasn't brilliant and I still passed the first grade with Distinction and the 3rd with merit (skipped 2 becasue he thought it wasn't worth it).  Fortunately in music terms I still have time to change that.  I'll set some targets for that once I've had time to figure out if I can call back on that talent I once had.

Right what else?

We had our first "meal from the garden" today.  Long story short we bought a polytunnel (plastic greenhouse) a month or two back and my mum has been spending all her free time in there and today we had fresh salad leaves and Radishes from the garden with some gammon and potatoes and despite my bias, I have to say it was one of the nicest salads I've ever had, an the balsamaic dressing mmmmm.  I'm not sure my mum's dream of "Xmas dinner from the Garden" will come to fruition this year but this was a very good start...one way of living "The Good Life" I suppose.

Oh I'm going to contact my dad and see if he wants to go and see War of the Worlds.  I have my Les Miserables tickets now but I really want to see War of the Worlds and if I can't do the MEN I am actually willing to travel anywhere in the UK to see it.

Poker-wise I'm going to re-start tomorrow I believe.  I'm going to be playing 1/2 on Full Tilt and 2.5/5 on Betfair for the moment.  We'll see how that changes in the next few weeks.  Will keep y'all updated.

Take Care Guys


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