May 28, 2010

Rainbow Road My Ass - US Trip Part 6

Another rather quiet day today, I got up around 9:30 having apparently missed someone coming in with a ladder and installing a new lightbulb right outside my room.  I sleep good.  I just don't let people around me do the same. *shrug*

Went to get a lunch burrito w/ Lysistrata and we chatted over lunch for about 2-3 hours about just about whatever came into our heads, mainly music and education based.  Have to say I think the US system of higher education and support is more than likely superior to the British one and I never thought I'd say that but imo the UK's education system is currently in the crapper and further qualification support is piss poor although this may just be personal experience.  I've also decided I want to start again playing piano, I used to be pretty good, as you guys probably already know I'm not a small guy and my reach is pretty darn far (over an octave iirc) but I made the choice to play sport in school rather than piano, despite getting to a half decent level, and never picked it back up again.  I wonder how far I can go or if I can even learn again. We'll see.

Around 4 we went to pick Mike up from DC and had yet another memorable meal at Benehana.  I even used chopsticks for the occasion.  Lysistrata has the evidence of my ham fisted attempts.  Bascially you order what you want and the chefs cook it right in front of you on a hot plate and this guy was seriously skilled.  I'd probably have needed ER trips and major surgery if I'd even attempted what he was doing.  Actually my first time I've ever ordered Lobster in a restaurant.  Didn't disappoint either.  Truly amazing

So we got back and I've just spent the last 3 hours with Pygmyhero playing Mariokart Wii.  We played team games and we pwned despite me being awful...truth be told Mike just 1111'd every cup, that help.  However we were dealt a crushing defeat on Rainbow road and have abandoned it for the night swearing revenge.

Another early start tomorrow so we can get the rest of DC in inculding the Crime museum and the Spy Museum and some monuments....I suddenly realize my vacation's coming to a close and that makes me a little sad but I'm so grateful for the opportunity and the amazing vacation I've had so far.  Also staying with Mike and Tori has given me a slightly different outlook on what I want to be doing and I think I'm going to make some changes when I get back to the Uk.  I think they can only be for the better in the end.

One thing's for sure though.  One way or another I really want to come back (assuming I'm allowed back in)

I think I'll do one more blog tomorrow night after we get back.  Seems to make sense to wrap everything up.

Until then, take care guys


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