May 22, 2010

Made it!! - US Trip Blog 1

Yay I finally got into the US despite being given a little less than 2 hours to get through immigration and customs in the US to catch my connection.  That plus being jerked around on the plane over more than a little but eventually getting to Newark.  Needless to say after that and 10 hours of flying I was mightily relieved to meet Mike who greeted me with a winning smile and a welcome to the US.

We took the train back to Mike and Tori's appartment where I was greeted with a smile a hug and some food.  Happy happy happy.  I had secretly purchased some Godiva chocloates as a pre-emptive "Thank-you/Sorry for having to put up with me for a week" and they were received happily :)

We went to a party for Tori finishing her year at university where apparently someone had spilt beer on the laptop and thus iot lost the ability to do things like use Powerpoint which was a bit of a whoopsie but overall it was a lot of fun and Mike and I got a pretty huige laugh out of a Rickroll planted in the presentation.  Guess that's what 2-3 years of internet forums does to your sense of humour

After getting some much needed sleep, I hadn't slept a wink on the flight over, we spent yesterday in Washington DC where we spent almost the entire day in the newseum.  I'm going to ask Tori to send me the picutres taken as in a couple it looks like I'm bigger than the Capital building.  I mean sure I need to lose some weight but oh man :(

Went to my first baseball game last night and had a great time.  The US has really nailed spectator sport.  Most of their games are fast and agressive and thus make for good viewing unlike some English sports which, while heavily tactical don't make for good viewing a lot of the time.  Doesn't hinder the matter that there is more food/drink available than I thought was physically possible.  So awesome, all happy.

We'd left Baltimore at about 7:30am and got back just after midnight so long day but so worth it.  Sadly got back to find out my flight back to England has been cancelled and I now get to spend about $100 trying to rearrange on the phone....yikes, thank-you some judge in England .  Not enough to dampen my mood though been awesome so far.

Going to head to AC for the next few days.  Really looking forward to it.

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