April 17, 2010

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A while back I was asked in the LHE forums to do a vid on a few things regarding Rake which tend to get missed, or not highlighted as much as they should be.

Sadly with everything going at 100mph for me at the moment I had to put it off a little. That changed with the introduction of the Invent-A-Series competition so I thought “Hey why not it’s different” and I’ve made the pilot video and uploaded it to the member’s section. So hope you guys enjoy that one.

Additionally at random I’ve seen football (the real game not American Kevlar Rugby League) discussed in the NC/LC thread…I am going to say now I WILL NOT MAKE ANY BETS ON THE ENGLAND VS US GAME :)

That plus it still stings from when you last beat us in the world cup…1950.

The final thing I’ve noticed was a bit of a blowup over one of the latest DD vids. I’m withholding judgement becasue I haven’t seen it but it certainly seemed tempers flared for what seemed like little reason. Occasionally basic concepts have to be hammered home and since w2dw is the only LHE series this season it has to cater to everyone and I don’t envy DD his job.

On that note, agreeing with PH here, if all you get from a video is 45 minutes to an hour of distraction that’s not enough. Thanks to IM’ing, PM’ing etc I have been in situations where I have discussed ONE hand for either 2 forum pages or 3 hours of constant IM’ing. imo that is where you get the most out of and devlopment in poker.

Anyway, not looking to start a flame war and I still am about 2 series behind anyway, but just a thought to chill a bit and occasionally just take a step back. If one vid doesn’t provide an epiphany then fine.

I highly doubt my rake series will cause an epihany in anyone that’s truly thought about it or plays 10/20+ and NO I won’t be giving blanket “This site is best answers” which I’m sure will piss people looking for a quick answer off but what I will do is provide the tools necessary for your own analysis and be available to answer questions. Also I’m sure for someone who’s NOT thought about it, or for a micro player, it’ll be very useful. We’ll see though.

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