March 30, 2010

The home game

Yesterday was home game with my colleagues again. We meet up about once a month to play 10c/20c NLHE. It is a loose, but sometimes aggressive game. At the end of the night people leave either about 20-50$ winner or loser, so it’s not quite life-changing money, but hey, you can buy yourself a nice lunch the next day or fill up you tank with that money.

Everybody brings beer and other beverages and the host usually has some Doritos or similar that makes the round. After about 2-3 hours we call the pizza and a huge thing is delivered, I’m telling you, the thing has a 1m diameter, at least 3 feet. So you know it’s a fun sort of game, where it seems like we never left college, even though there are a few higher up staff and profs that attend the game. Yep, geeks never change.

There are a couple of people that actually play poker a bit more “seriously”. One guy plays MTTs and SnGs with a three figure BR on Pokerstars, the other plays some low limit cash games either at Commerce or when he goes traveling for work. But none as involved as I, obviously :P

I’m writing this with a big smile on my face. It’s just everything a home game should be like. The banter, the making fun, the throwing of insults. And it’s also what I like in a nice conversation. I was never the one to go out with a girlfriend and talk about my guy trouble or something like that. Even with my best friends there have been a lot of “personal talk” crashes and in the end we just end up drunk and silly, I like it much more that way.

But in a sense I’m much more aware of you when I’m playing a game with you. I just saw a 60 minute piece on this music savant, Derek (link, skip the Michael Lewis story). He was blind and in a way started opening up to people, started to communicate with people through his music. Well, in a way, I kinda understand you when you play a game with me. As a kid in high school it would be Chess, later Magic: The Gathering, nowadays it’s poker. So somehow I feel like I know these people (even though some are just distant colleagues) and in such a nice atmosphere I feel much better than if I was grabbing some coffee with a girlfriend to talk about the hookup she had last night.

But enough about this psycho-babble, I’ll leave you with a fun hand from last night:

We have the hammer (72o) payout rule among 3-4 people in the game like in High Stakes Poker. If you win with the hammer and show, the people participating in it have to pay the guy with the hammer 50 cents.

Game is 8 handed and as said, very loose. I fold some crap UTG, guy next to me (gambol fun guy) raises to 75c, his gf (one of their first dates, so everybody is very nice to her) is next to act and goes all-in for something like 1.30$, two people call (one nit, and the host in BB) + original gambol guy.

Flop (4 players, 1all-in, 5.50$): A :heart: A :club: Q :spade: (don’t quote me on the suits, but it was rainbow)

Original raiser bets something like 3$, the two callers fold. He proudly tables 72o and demands the money. The whole table literally explodes with laughter. He still has to win against the all-in, the hammer-rule is for the main pot of course. Girlfriend has internet aces (JTs) and wins unimproved. Poor guy gets ribbed for his “play” for at least an hour by us.

Oh, and in case you wanna hear my brag: I have never ever lost more than pizza money in this game. My biggest scores have been 160$ and 90$ and I left 40$ richer last night. A LHE player can play NLHE sometimes :P

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March 22, 2010


I have ran my bankroll over at Stars up nicely since starting this blog. As said before, the VPP crawl is extremely slow at 1/2 and I still haven’t cleared that damn 650$ bonus yet, will have to rally soon. I do have 2 other bankrolls over at Cake and FTP, though. Cake it’s actually big enough to be playing 2/4, too; great, since there aren’t many Cake games going usually, so need to spread out over limits to get hands in. At FTP, the bankroll was a measly 800$ when I started clearing the 100$ bonus they offered me.

I played a lot .5/1! Have cleared about 75$ of the bonus and have 2 more days to do the rest (fml). But haven’t been doing well. What’s worse is that I’m well in the green with RB and the bonus clearing. I won some prop bets, so my balance stayed around 800$ all the time, yet at the end of the session I would look at the downwards line on the Pokertracker. Finally on Thursday, I won something like 70BB (70$) and the line started to slowly go up again. Phew, or so I thought…

Cue Friday, losing day, of course. Down to 820$ again. This is insanity (doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results)! Why am I wasting my time?!?! Here comes the confession: I sat down at higher limits HUHU to get the money back!

I wouldn’t have made the confession if I had won, right? Yeah, I lost. Down to 540$. Sad, sad puppy I am now. Not sad that I lost the money, because, hey, it’s gambling money and I was playing with and edge and all that stuff. Sad at me, really that I was so dedicated and doing so well for a month and a half, yet it all poofs away on some night in which I randomly decide to go to higher limits when I shouldn’t have.

This blog was about honesty and owning up. Well, I wasn’t very good last week. Worst part? Winning ~120BB at .5/1 on Saturday! It was there all along “my skill”, that the line was going to go up at one point. Why in the hell do I have to force things!?!?! If Friday .5/1 and Saturday’s .5/1 sessions had been swapped I would be on cloud 9 telling you how wonderful poker is and that I had a 80BB weekend. Instead, I’m sitting here confessing.

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March 16, 2010

Poker Podcasts

Just playing, basically grinding online at the moment. Don’t have that many insights right now on the game itself, which is why I want to delve into the area of Poker Podcasts for a few minutes with you.

Podcasts have been around for quite a while now. I remember back in 2004 or maybe 2005, when everybody with a recording equipment went around recording moronic stuff about their lives and podcasting about it to the world. It was the new blogging for lazy people. It took quite a while for good podcasts to establish themselves and weed out the worse or say less serious ones. It also took a while for podcasts to be established in poker. I remember in early 2006 the only podcasts that were available to the uninformed consumer like me were stuff like the NPR news and similar.

But then my baby was born. I remember distinctly searching for “poker” in the podcast crawlers out there, since I knew I was going to spend monotonous hours feeding and walking the baby to the park and stuff. There wasn’t much out there. The circuit was basically unlistenable “bla bla” by Mike Matusow. I joined some sports radio, which had a poker section (lol). The only one that was actually good at the time was Rounders Radio, which later became the Twoplustwo pokercast. And those I did listen intently. I remember listening to the Jamie Gold interview over and over again. Later they had Hoss talk a whole bunch about HULHE, Bobby Hoff about old times in Vegas. They were also the ones that were very quick on the Absolute scandal reporting about it since way before shit hit the fan in August of 2007.

Nowadays, the whole pokermedia has become so mainstream. With sites like Pokerroad catering for “pokertainment” as they say and the main Poker News outlets barraging us with videos, interviews and insights, I’m almost in full blown poker podcast overload. So I don’t download everything that has to do with poker anymore (phew), but I still listen to a lot (my work can be monotonous). Here is a sample from best (first thing I download and listen to as soon as I log on) to worst (like actually thinking of unsubscribing).

The Twoplustwo Pokercast : As I said, I’ve listened to this since very early on, Mike and Adam have actually been around since late 2005, when the radio station they were at decided to give some time to poker, because of the hockey strike going on back then (ah, Canadians). I like them very much and have met both in real life and they are much fun to be around. Adam is even a limit player, was a prop for Party Poker in the early days, then he dabbled in O8 a lot. Nowadays he’s more in the affiliate side of things. But he still knows his poker stuff and you can see they are fans of the game and its integrity and not the corporate stuff that goes on behind.

The Poker Beat : Part of the Pokerroad family, this started out as a hilarious take on the happenings in poker hosted by Huff and Haralabous. Haralabous was comedic gold, but I guess it didn’t hold his interests much. Nowadays it has become a respectable poker news outlet with a returning cast of reporters from various outlets calling in and discussing 2-3 topics of the week. Highly recommendable and other people seem to think so since it won the Bluff Reader’s Choice Award, which they mention every show :P

Deuce Plays : Well, gotta talk about the podcasts on this site, too, right? I can’t comment much on “Hey Ball!” yet as there have only been 3 episodes out, but it seems a little bit weird. But Deuce Plays is definitely an excellent podcast. It is a recast of the old podcast “Cash Plays” over at PokerRoad, but I must say it fits deucescracked much better. Now the guests or topics can be very hit or miss, but it depends on personal preference. I really don’t care about PLO ranges, when I get repotted on the turn. Same with the guests, while some day you’ll have a genius like Phil Galfond on, the next week you’ll have the asshole Limon on that can’t stop bragging. I like the hand analysis that Bart does, but only if it’s one or two concepts at the beginning of the show, otherwise it’s a little boring / monotonous. But the show gets a huge A for effort, poker strategy is definitely not easy to relate in audio format.

Hardboiled Poker Radio Show : Not a poker podcast per se. Rather old time radio shows, songs and stories about poker. You know Shamus is a fan of the game and he shows it. He talks you through each segment and gives the background information, mostly on an old radio show from like the 40s (it’s great to transport yourself 70 years back and hear how people thought and talked back then). Audio quality is a bit iffy, but a great listen on those long drives to Vegas!

Mediocre Poker Radio : This is a fun one. These guys sure know how to boost the ego of their guests. They go on and on how they are huge donkeys, yet are fans that actually put in the volume and hours and very much know what they are talking about when they ask the questions; the ultimate fans. They did a whole series on the Dang Brothers that was much fun. However, they do promote the whole frat house experience. The constantly want to prop poker players up as these geniuses that suddenly get to “bang the chicks and pimp the rides”… a bit off putting at times.

Pokerroad Radio : The main show from their website. A fun and goofy update on the tournament circuit. Lots of info and laughs especially around WSOP time. The interviews are quick and painless and sometimes give you a real insight into somebody just from the way they talk or tell a story. Most of the time it’s just a huge filler though and it’s something I listen to on the car maybe months after the event has already happened. The games they do on the radio are pretty lol, but it’s mostly poking fun at the degeneracy that goes on on the road. Never ever listen for strategy or news, just for entertainment.

Cash Plays : Another one from the Pokerroad family. Well, after Bart left, Jeremiah Smith took this one over. The show took a huuge nosedive from there, probably because his voice tilts me so much, I don’t know why. He does have some good guests from time to time, but most of the time I have to say, I fastforward a lot.

And that’s it. Enough, isn’t it? I left out a lot, I know, hey the day only has 24 hours, I can’t listen to everything! :P Have a great week!

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March 09, 2010

Where poker is friendly - Lucky Buck

I was in the Bay Area this weekend. For those who don’t know, I used to live in the area, while in grad school. It’s been 2 years since I moved down to SoCal. The trip was nice and short, mainly to visit old friends and attend a social event on Saturday. Aw, I miss old friends.

But I also went to play cards on Saturday night, after everybody retired to the couch around 10. It’s been about 6 long months since I’ve played live poker. My husband took my bankroll one afternoon and spent it on a car (with my permission, of course). But you can always come up with some 500$ from somewhere to play a night of 4/8, can’t you? :)

Ah, the local cardroom. The place where I learned to play. Really, no kidding. Yes, I had read Lee Jones’ “Winning Low Limit Hold’em”, but boy oh boy, was I a fish. I never talked to people about hands, I never went over my sessions. I just watched what other players were doing and mostly had fun. This small little place was the start of my poker, ha ha.

I’m talking about the Lucky Buck in Livermore (see pic on top from Poker Wikia ). You have probably never heard of it. It is tucked away next to a bowling alley, somewhere on the backside of downtown. When I first wandered in there, they had 4 tables and a teeny brush on the side. Normally only 2 tables where going. If the action was hot, it might go up to 3 at night. Only on Saturday nights might all 4 tables be going. But by 2005-6, the poker boom hit Livermore too and it started expanding until it reached 10 tables on the top of the boom at around 2007. Since Livermore had a 20$ betting limit (upped in 2008 to 100$), 10/20 was the biggest game in town, but boy was it fun!

If you grew your poker career playing online or on one of those huuuge places like Commerce or Foxwoods, I guess you’ll never really know friendly poker. The kind where you sit down and people ask you about your life, your dog, etc. at the table. Where only the new players ever berate the rest. Yes, everybody was grumpy and I had my love / hate relationship with most of the players, but a nice courteous tone behind everything goes a long way. Once, when one of the older players that played there every day (retiree that didn’t have anything better to do) ended up in the hospital, everybody pitched in and sent a huge flower basket and some even went up to visit him. Yes he was a grumpy asshole, but he was our asshole, goddamnit! I know I’m exaggerating, but that place holds a dear memory in my poker career.

Well, I was back after 2 years. The last 3 years, I have become accustomed to playing mostly online. Poker is a grind, no a fun, anecdote filled evening anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love the analytical side of online and of course the comforts it gives you. But it sure felt fuzzy warm when I stepped in the cardroom and people started smiling and waving at me. I had to chuckle under my breath; my god, 2 years gone and I still recognize half the faces, ah we’re all degens in the end. The guy at the cage immediately put me down for games, though he had to apologize for forgetting my name.

I sat down at a 4/8 Hold’em game with a half kill. Suddenly the comfortness came in again: the Karaoke blasting from the bar next door (best Karaoke in town), the tiny bad beat Jackpot hovering around 3900$, the announcements of a satellite to a super satellite to send someone from the Lucky Buck to the WSOP Main Event.

The game went well, I got insanely lucky in some hands, but I won’t bore you with details. Left 160$ up, having tipped the dealer 3$ on like 3 hands (huge pots), drinking a red bull and having a pack of smokes. So if I had been there seriously I guess I would’ve been up more like 185$ or so. Who cares! Playing breakeven fun poker is what I was here for.

Before getting a seat I talked to Kenny at the cage and eventually even the owner Dale joined us. They had a really tough time during 2008 and beginning of 2009. The economic slump hit them very hard, plus poker wasn’t booming anymore. So late last year they installed banked games: blackjack, 3card poker and pai gow (you can’t have house games in cardrooms in California). That brought back some business. Funnily a guy waving a “poker” sign in front of the street, like the ones you see at Tax Centers or Housing Auctions helped enormously, too. Well, Dale finally had enough money to buy up a bigger place, much closer to the freeway. Hear the scoop here first folks, Casino 580, bigger and better should open in the Summer. Maybe one day, it’ll be all this famous place and I’ll be the one to say: “Oh yeah, I played there way back in the day, when it was called the Lucky Buck! And I won my first poker pot ever there hitting a set of 9s in the SB! Ah yes, good times!”

Haven’t played much online poker last week, runhot continues, though. Up about 60BB in 600 hands. Should grind some this week finally and work off some of those bonuses!

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March 02, 2010

In search of impetus!

Remember last post where I was all pumped up to clear the bonuses that the poker rooms were offering? Well, I’ve been lazy. I’ve played maybe 200 hands this last week and that’s not very much, heh!

I go through these droughts from time to time. Most of the time it’s work related. Every good astronomer had a very big deadline last Friday, it was called the Hubble Proposal deadline. It comes around once a year, where you can propose to observe with the Hubble Space Telescope and hey, NASA even pays you to do it.

But then again, that’s not the entire reason, I haven’t played much. I was mostly lazy, just want to feel the best I can possibly feel suddenly for every session I sit down. No lulling around, no thinking: “Hey, they get lucky sometimes, maybe I’ll get lucky not giving my all!” I got this drive suddenly on being like the best 1/2 player.

But to have a very high winrate, to play your A-game every time you play, you won’t get to play very much. I mean, let’s face it, sometimes we just need to clock in and work the hands off. We won’t be on tilt, but our minds will be racing to how you want it to be evening already, because of that dinner you’ve got planned.

So props to you pros out there, that go to the tables day in and day out, because it’s your job. I can lull around my job, but I don’t have my money out on the line every day; the joys of a steady paycheck. You put it out there every day, you got chops!

So without further ado, here’s my graph for February, lol at 3k hands. Life is good, now I just gotta play more:

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February 23, 2010

Bonus time!

It’s like madness suddenly for a low stakes player like me. I was pretty happy on January 31st to plonk down 40k FPPs for that discounted 650$ bonus. Hey, I was playing 10/20 and the VPPs were flying around. Suddenly I had that needed FPP, Platinum status and was on pace for almost double, well, at least 1.5x SN.

Oh how times have changed. I am huffing and puffing to make 1000 VPPs this month, I can’t fathom how people get to SN and even much higher just playing .5/1 LHE. Now that I’ve moved up to 1/2 it gets a bit better, but it’s still so slow watching the VPP counter. The 650$ are still far away, but suddenly that’s 325BB, so it becomes more valuable somehow (funny how that works).

Add to that that Cake and FTP are releasing bonuses at the same time. 300$ at Cake, 100$ at FTP, with similar payout rates (0.06 per FPP and FPPs get awarded the same way), I’ve got a lot of bonus grinding to do. The 650$ and the elusive SN status seem so far away now.

It’s so strange how online card rooms get us. It used to be so easy to just jump from poker room to poker room back in 2005 / 2006 and clear bonuses. Absolute had these constant 50$ I would clear, I forgot some of the weird names of poker rooms I deposited money into (they are tucked away on some file on my old computer along my Pokertracker 2 hands). I was so bad back then, yet the bonuses kept me a winner. Amazing how the games are now.

Switch to 2010 where every FPP is down to a science. People haggling over 1-2% of rakeback. Professional rakeback grinders nowadays are a serious force to contend with and one is not playing for shitty poker books in the store anymore, but for serious $.

I often fall into that trap too. Play a few more hands that day to maintain some status, move up a level, because I don’t want to play 2 hours, and hey, I can clear it much faster here. Oh poker rooms, you have perfected it! Much better than the live fishes coming back night after night waiting to hit that bad beat jackpot, you have your minions coming day after day, playing for points, you make more a ton of money, they get the crumbs, everybody’s happy.

But alas, I’m very happy too, tha I’m effectively playing rakefree on Stars and to like 75% rakeback at Cake and FTP :D I just need to remind myself to keep playing well and not look at the VPP counter all the time. Just like not looking at the cashier, there’s an extra distraction I have to block.

Update on moving up:

Doing quite well at 1/2. I’ve got to pat myself on the back on some nice b/f’s I’ve made on the river, which I’ve paid off in the past. Regaining confidence back is also nice. I’m game starting a lot and my winrate is better there, which should also do wonders to regain my confidence in the HUHU games in the future. The 70BB deficit is erased and I’m up about 45BB now, mostly at Stars. I’ll post end of month graph next week.

Small funny story: I accidentally sat down in a 2/4 6max game and I really scratched my head, why I had so many notes and reads and hands on the other players. I was really worried that the games were bad and that people were also moving down with me. Yes, some had moved down from 3/6, but others were always there at 2/4 and my notes were from when I was playing those games. Suddenly I get involved in a huge massive pot 4 ways in which I make top full house (don’t ask, I don’t remember) and this 105$ pot gets shipped to me. I start doing calculations and suddenly I realize that this is quite unlikely (impossible, because it wasn’t capped at every street by every player) at 1/2. I laugh and sit out next hand. They must have thought: another hit and runner.

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February 16, 2010

So sick!

And I don’t mean the poker term “so sick”. I literally mean that I was sooo sick over the last week and weekend that I can’t talk about much this time around on the blog. I mean, I was in fricking Vegas this weekend and all I saw was the hotel room. It was a nice suite hotel room, so at least that was ok. I can now tell you all about the Winter Olympics and a bunch of movies from the 90s, because I mostly watched TV in the room taking care also of my sick daughter, while our friends explored the city. Today was our last day in Sin City and AT LEAST I got to see City Center and we ate lunch at the Cafe Vettro, was good, but the whole complex just doesn’t do it for me, seems like a nice airport, not like a casino.

Ah yes, what kind of casino does do it for me? Heh, well I like the glitz and glamour of Wynn and Bellagio (yeah, Steve does have taste, imo). Those MGM properties are just usually too dark for my taste.

But old school downtown does it for me. The 5c slots with good odds on video poker, the good old blackjack pitch game, the tables where you are a high roller when you bet 100$ (black action! omg pit bosses running to you), the yummy greasy coffee shop food, the no frills-but-nice rooms. Yeah, you’re not gonna get fountains, volcanoes or gondolas. Yes there aren’t any world class Cirque du Soleil shows, or productions with 100 artists, just the good old lounge where people get discovered or go to die. Downtown is dying and I’m sad. I do understand it, though. People like the glitz. Who cares that you are losing at a 2 deck 6:5 21 50$ minimum table, when you can get a peak of the dealer’s titties at the fun pit? Why wouldn’t you pay 500$ for bottle service at some loud obnoxious night club, when you can get the same drink, spiced up for free at a video poker bar? I can tell you the suites at the Four Queens look pretty much the same as the suites in some strip casinos (ok, some have glitzy fake marble), but with one less zero.

Ah well, just another grumpy “expert” griping about the downfall of Vegas. LOL. Anyway, back in LA. Feeling much better.

Update on moving up. 1/2 has been a failure so far. Down about 70BB in ~1500 hands. Started grinding the Cake reload bonus and am still grinding the 650$ January special sale bonus. So pretty much playing rake free at the moment, but maybe playing sick is not a good idea. hehe, let’s hope this week fares better.

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February 09, 2010

Why do you play poker?

Why do you play poker?

I think that question should be asked more often and I should actually ask my opponents that question more often. That way I can gauge their seriousness and dedication to the game. Often a question that is asked on podcasts or interviews is: “How did you get started in poker?” That is all nice and well and for online players you get the typical: “Deposited 50$, lost a bit, read up on the game and then ran it up!” bit. I am more interested in the motivation that made somebody actually deposit money in a gambling enterprise. I’m thinking that everybody here is actually pretty smart. What made you wanna beat a game that is not zero-sum and you typical expected value was going to be negative? Was it the thrill of the rush? Was it the game itself? Was it boredom?

What was it for me?

I would like to think I’m above the mean and want to say, it’s a challenge to beat a difficult game. Sort of like a video game, where you are on the last level and you wanna finally crack it.

But my initial motives were much more simple; I guess I’m guilty of being one of those people we normally look down upon: a gambling addict. I remember the rush from the very beginning when I accompanied my dad to his weekly bingo games as a kid, or the belief in machines being “hot” or “due” (hey, I was eleven!). I have played -EV games seeing visions of me wining the jackpot or cursing my luck. If there’s a gambling sin that the advantage player (winner at gambling games) shuns, I’ve probably done it!

Fortunately (or unfortunately, lol), I was blessed with an analytical mind to analyzing the casino’s game. To finding out that there are some instances where the casino makes a mistake, willingly or unwillingly, to offer a game that can be beaten. Are you still a gambling addict if you make money at it? Well, what I like is that if you take such an analytical view of a situation over and over again, the “rush” or the endorfins don’t work anymore. That urge to gambool isn’t there anymore. Kind of contradictory to say that I
became better at poker to not be a gambling degen anymore.

What are your views on that matter?

Upwards journey update:

I have been on quite a heater at .5/1 the last two weeks. I can probably attribute it to a number of things.

- I’m studying the game a lot more, in periods of doubt, you should probably invest about twice the amount of time to studying than to playing, just to regain your confidence back in making the correct plays.

- I’m playing much lower limits, which have much worse play, it’s easier to win.

- I’ve been getting incredibly lucky. Fairly straightforward situations, not many coolers.

I now have enough of a bankroll to play 1/2 and will move up to do that. I expect to be here for quite a while, but again, the objective is to move up in a correct form, maximizing profits at the table and not volume (that’s my prerogative, it might not be yours). It feels better for me that way.

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February 02, 2010



I am bellatrix. Many of you know me from the twoplustwo limit forums, I mostly lurk over here at deucescracked, but I do post in the limit NC thread and video threads sometimes (see, see I do watch those videos).

A couple of reasons why I am starting this blog:


I did have a blog at pokersift (link), but that site seems to have died down quite a lot. Of the 10-12 bloggers on there, I think only 2 keep posting there, many have moved on either to other blogsites (shortstacked shamus, for example is the most famous one, and my favorite poker blogger by far) or they have stopped playing poker altogether. Since I know many of you guys here on DC, I thought I would join in there. Hi everybody!


I never did any New Year’s resolutions. It was just an arbitrary point at that moment. I was so busy over the typical holiday period with work, that I never really sat down and thought out what 2010 should bring me, not personally, not for work and not for poker.

Well, I don’t like how January shaped out to be in terms of poker. I played a lot at 10/20 and went on a tilt bad-beat downswing at some point. 300BB! I don’t play poker for a living, so that is insane.

It is time for me to regroup, think a bit more about strategy stuff. My poker confidence is so shot right now, I would be a loser even in a soft 5/10 game. I am not valuebetting enough, because “they always have it”, I am not raising enough, because “they’ll get there anyway, so might as well lose less”.

It is time for resolutions now and one is to honest with myself and write about what has happened here. No ego. No exaggeration.


My journey back up. This will be it (hey, I can dream, right?)! I will try to post here every Monday. How it is going, what I am doing, maybe some strategy, maybe some more “deep” or “funny” poker posts. Always about poker, though. I don’t want to bore you with my favorite music and stuff, with the exception of my introduction at the end of my post.

I have dropped down all the way down to .50/1 LHE, mostly 6max starting with 1000$. Cue the rungood heater the last 3 days, running at 15BB/100 in 900 hands. ha ha. More about the journey next week, though. Don’t wanna waste that much to write about in the first post hehe.

With that, a few things about myself. I am Tanya, and yes gasp, one of them
females playing poker. I have a “3” in front of my age and am married and
have a kid. Geek at heart and PhD in physics, a lot of my approach to life
therefore tends to be very logical, not emotional. I work at a fairly well
known geek University in Southern California and except a few minor details
totally love my work. I love “solving” games, any games, gambling games tend
to be the simplest, which is why suddenly I got stuck on poker… it wasn’t
simple :) My nickname is in no way related to Harry Potter. Bellatrix is the
third brightest star in the constellation Orion and can loosely be translated
to female warrior.

Anyway, talk to you next week, all the best.


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