October 06, 2010

jongreenway 200nl videos notes

jongreenyway crushes 200nl, as does jballer88, grindcore, milwaukee2 and Dr.Giggy. As a result I will be making more notes from these players and coming up with some general trends I see, then coming up with a gameplan for crushing 200nl comprehensively.

- avoids short stack tables @ 6max and avaoids playing vs shorties

- builds reads immediately

- plays many tables

- doesnt make hero calls very often

- villain doesnt have much = dont bet much, think what you are getting called by

- bet the most they will mostly call

- vs 3bb to 11 and vs 3.5bb to 12bb and vs 4bb to 13.5bb 3betsizing OOP

- fish small 3bets = strong hand typically

- likes to start new games to attract fish

- makes a hero call on 4flush board when guy instgashoves because his range is polarized to Axdiamonds and Kxo which he beats. However all the other diamonds have to THINK about betting, because they dont have the nuts, therefore his instabet is often bluff

- 7% 3bet, with 4.5% value and 2%-2.5% air

- be the guy making the most choices and making the best choices

- take notes then clean up your notes into reads after the session

- check peoples opening % by position

- big on stats and looking at popup

- A high boards OOP with Ace GoodKicker, check, bet, bet, or bet, check call, check call

- vs Short Stackers use leverage to get a reg out of the hand and play HU vs the shortie

- look at sb steal and open % as a disparancy, same for BTN and CO, the prime stealing positions

- more villains = more strength needed

- likes betting quickly

- be ware of short stackers! leave if possible and find a better table

- know why you are betting, value, value/protection, semibluff, bluff. Know why you are checking, induce, pot control, giving up. Know why you are doing everything!

- flop set OOP he likes 3 lines, lead lead lead, check raise, and double check raise.

- 200nl revolves around avoidance, meaning planning your play and avoiding sticky situations that come up alot and having a plan for the future street before it hits

- ask yourself, what will call me thats worse every valuebet

- are you giving the impression that you are past the tipping point or not? Manipulate this to your advantage

- when u are playing regs over multiple tables, dont over adjust simply because you think you are getting 3bet alot by the same player, it is normal when you are playing 3-6 tables vs the same guy to assume that he is playing back at you more, but infact its just normal variance for him to be 3betting you more simply because they are playing more hands vs you. OOP skew to your value range, kaap

- sqzing 'monkey in the middle theory', so long as the guys in the middle are not monkeys then you are ok to sqz air, if they are, then keep it for value range

- 70%+ f3b = 3bet them any 2 cards

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