December 21, 2009

2010 goals

My Goal is to get to €400nl by November 2010. I will then head back to the UK from Thailand and either plan for travelling again in 2011 or decide where and how I want to further my education.

I currently play €40nl. Going from €40nl-€400nl in 10 months will require that I play many hands, play them well and have a proper structure for my day to allow playing in the right state of mind.

I want to have 2 days off a week and they should be days when the poker traffic is lowest. Considering that Friday nights, all Saturday and Sunday are prime poker days for recreational players, I will put in extra work these days especially. Monday will be a rest day to wind down from poker, and to reward myself with a massage for putting in the hours on the weekend. I will also take Thursday off to give me a chance to prepare for big weekend grind. Fri, Sat and Sunday I should be playing 6 hours a day, and 4 hours a day on tuesday and wednesday.

I will play on ladbrokes poker exclusively throughout the 10 months because they are a big reputable site based in the UK, which will not be affected by any ruling on the UIGEA in the USA. I can also speak directly to the poker room manager on MSN.

For my sessions I will play in sets of 55minutes and 50minutes, with a 10minute break inbetween. I will have 5minutes to prepare before I start by table selecting and finding the best games to play. The basic structure of a session will be 5min prep> 55min set > 10min break > 50min set > 10min review for 2hours and 10minutes a session. On weekends I want to put in 3 of these sessions a day, and on weekdays 2. That will be around 8,500 hands a week and around 35k hands a month.

A consideration I must have is when games are good on ladbrokes. In my experience games become good after 10am GMT until 3am on weekends, and after 5pm until 1am week days. Reality check is that Thailand has just about the worst timezone adjustment for GMT peek poker hours. Therefore I will either have to have a lot of late nights OR alot of early mornings. Expanding on this, I need to consider what will be best for my overall lifestyle and health in 2010. Certainly playing all through the night and not seeing the beautiful thai sunshine at all kind of makes going to Thailand pointless. Although I have never been a morning person yet, I’m sure it will be a very +EV habit to get into waking up early. Thus the game plan is to wake up and be ready (feeling mentally alert, well fed, relaxed and decisive) for when the games are really good. This means getting up WAAAYYY earlier than I am used to, but waking up at 5am, drinking some water, exercise, sauna, shower, dress, meditate, food all before poker will have me fresh and ready to play, while all my opponents will be tired and mentally drained.

Moving on from there, I’ve been thinking about having another 3 month period at the start of 2010 where I drastically reduce the alcohol I drink to the minimum (to none if possible). I did it for new years resolution last year, and it was fine after the first 2 weeks. I want to achieve my goals more than I enjoy getting drunk, it’s that simple. I love beer, I admit, having said that I want to come back from thailand healthier and fitter than ever before. That involves good sleep, food, exercise and avoidance of the terrible substance abuse I have been prone to in the past. I just turned 23 and it’s time to get real.

I have a rough plan for how I am going to budget my months out in thailand. I will only withdraw rakeback, any winnings will stay in my account, thus allowing my BR to grow and to move up in stakes. I’m really only concerned with getting a nice house, thats got a nice gym I can use nearby and with good internet connection in Chiang Mai. I’m not bothered about hookers and generally throwing my money into a fire. I’m going out there to have fun, meet like minded people who love to travel and to play cards. I am really looking forward to living with poker players who are way better than me, as I know I will learn more than I could imagine right now. My budget is conservative but not unrealistic, and will give me motivation to grind hands and get to 100nl+ sooner rather than later.

How am I going to move up?

30buyins per level I will begin taking 5buyin “shots”, I’m sure that I will run bad sometimes, but invariably I will run good at some point while moving up too.

Roughly needed:
€1.5k for 50nl
€3k for 100nl
€6k for 200nl
€12k for 400nl

I did some maths and based on the days I want to play and the hours I want to put in, I will play around 350k hands in the 10months leading up to November. Using this as a guide, I worked out I need to win 30Buyins each level before I take shots at the next level, giving me around 120BI’s of winnings to get from 40nl->400nl. 120BI is 12,000bb which over 350k hands is a modest winrate of around 3bb/100. Since I plan on playing just over 2k hands a day on weekends, and around 1.5k hands a day on the two week days, my weekly target should be 300bb’s. That is only 3 buyins a week. This is a very achiveable goal. That is only 50bb a day, or ~12bb a set on average over the 350k sample. I know I can play a basic strategy of playing better starting hands than my opponents, playing with better position, using aggression to my advantage and utilizing my hand reading skills to easily achieve this winrate and go well beyond it. To do this I really need to be playing to win, not playing “to do fancy moves” – I’m better than the scrub.

By August 2010, I should be transitioning into 200nl from 100nl and I want to have a good client base of poker students that I coach.
By march 2010, I want to have completely finished my TEFL and be doing some volunteering Teaching English to Thai’s.

To reward myself for working hard, and sticking to my structure I have laid out here, I will buy myself something awesome each time I properly move up. I’m thinking a PADI diving course, teeth whitening, BNPL sorted and maybe some spa stuff.

In one year I want to have 400nl as my regular stakes. I’m going to have to work hard, I know that and I am ready for it. I’m going to read 10 pages a day of all of the great poker books I have and watch 1 video a day. In a cycle, until it all sticks. Trouble hands, I will post them, no matter how embarassing. Every month I will do a video session review. Every week I will do a video of a live sweat session. I will do whatever it takes.

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KasinoKrime posted on December 21, 2009 at 14:49 PM


Great post! GL with the goals. I need to get better at setting goals for myself as well.

EthanRoXxX posted on December 21, 2009 at 21:50 PM


Great post, indeed! I can easily relate to your goals as I am in a very similar position myself right now. I have a NL20 BR on LadBrokes and intend to climb the levels up at least 200NL. Maybe we will play on the same tables ;)

What about the RB on LadBrokes? Do you have some kind of special deal with an affiliate or are all players eligible to such RB if they asked for it?

bizIsAg33k posted on December 22, 2009 at 23:20 PM


i just found your blog, im kinda in the same situation.
if u have skype then add kizbiz pls and we could talk some thailand, nl50-nl100.

Blixx posted on January 15, 2010 at 19:34 PM


G'luck pursuing your goals for 2010!
I've got your blog bookmarked and look forward to reading about your adventures in Thailand.

abramo posted on March 01, 2018 at 19:28 PM


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