July 11, 2010


  • position = power
  • OOP = out of power
  • have a purpose in each of your bets
  • OOP rr 99+ AJo+
  • don't fold top pair
  • bluff alot IP
  • value bet alot
  • don't take it personal

  • Shortstacks (50bb or less), hit and runners
  • Loose-passives (40/10 or looser VPIP or tighter PFR)
  • Weak-Tights (33/18 or tigher, WTSD<25)
  • TAGs (35/26 - 40/35)
  • LAGs (41/36-49/40)
  • Maniacs (50/40+)

  • Numbers help but psychology is King
  • Have a general idea of how players play if you have some stats on them, THEN switch to todays session

  • Game Rejection...
  • Don't get into a  war of egos
  • Look for the best games
  • Ask yourself, why should I play
  • Check if they are multitabling

  • under 50bbs, their goal is double up and run
  • slow play huge hands
  • bluff badly
  • willing to gamble preflop
  • limp with trash
  • stab with marginal hands
  • pot with ok hands
  • slowplay with big hands
  • cbet basically all hands vs them but dont cbet weaker made hands
  • balance and image dont come into play
  • if they dont c/r on the flop it is usually a strange hand
  • on turn, if you have a good hand, set up river size to make potsize bet so they can shove their bluffs
  • they are the most common players and they are so bad
  • dont let it bother you when they hit and run, they are very profitable
  • thin aggressive plays are useless, just avoid them vs shorties
  • image considerations are not a factor vs these
  • pick your spots and bide your time
  • dont get involved with coinflips because it doesnt matter vs them they dont think clearly about poker
  • c/mr = usually connected with the board and doesnt want fold equity
  • range is usually wider as a C/shove
  • c/bet smaller vs them in general
  • tp = get it in plz
  • short stacks make plays that look like they want fold equity = they want you to fold! disappoint them!
  • dont be affraid to felt Ace high when you have outs and they appear they want to maximize fold equity
  • you dont need to fast play vs them with flopped monsters
  • straight forward functional strategy vs them is best
  • jam preflop with ATo+ 55+ when they limp and they have 15bb
  • if you just busted them and they rebuy, expect a very wide shoving range from them

  • 40/10 or looser vpip and tighter pfr HIGH VPIP and LOW PFR
  • Huge disparity between vpip and pfr
  • High WTD >33
  • value bet relentlessly vs them
  • value bet thin
  • dont run multistreet bluffs vs them
  • they never value bet thin
  • a key is to know when to bet to induce vs them
  • tp = nuts when they are calling down
  • beware when they show aggression
  • only barrel turns which give you alot of equity, aka v good semi-bluff hands
  • take notes alot alot alot!
  • LPs donk with very wide range, so value raise your good toppairs
  • fire until he tells you you are beat
  • pound on these guys until you get a reason not to
  • loose passives = aggression = nuts
  • take a line that increases the chance he can call with the nothing part of his range. ie slowplay when u have nuts vs their aggression
  • vs loose passive dont bet bad board textures for your hand because they peel light anyway so dont make bad bluffs
  • loose passives betting OOP are usually trying to induce action, so dont give them any unless you have a great hand/huge equity
  • when they valuebet incorrectly and they pick bad raise sizes, you can use that against them to draw cheaply

  • 33/18 HU
  • more about how they play postflop more than preflop
  • WTSD very low
  • Set traps
  • Bluff more
  • Tilt them
  • looking for any excuse to fold
  • re-raise alot preflop, they play faceup postflop
  • include sc's because you have high fe
  • play every hand with the initiative
  • be aware of when they are ready to take a stand
  • two ways to win 1.show bluffs tilt them 2. chip away
  • wil not run many bluffs will not float
    care more about the number of bets more than the size of the bets
  • generally dont fire the river unless you improve
  • look out for their snapping point
  • once they win a big pot, attack attack attack because they go back into their shell
  • bet/folding rivers is fun
  • don't rule out people always going crazy, so remember don't insta muck toppair until you've seen otherwise
  • bluffs work
  • betsizing is critical to manipulate these guys into getting them to do what you want them to do
  • planning the hand ahead of time is very important

  • fits of relentless aggression
  • typically sitting waiting on multiple tables with fullstacks
  • 35/28-40/35 HU stats generally
  • smart and competent postflop
  • cbetting alot is their strat, bet 100% on obv double barrel cards
  • very defined ranges
  • will often run hopeless bluffs
  • very concerned with balance to a fault
  • best strategy is an exploitative strategy so long as you are actively making adjustments
  • once you know how he thinks and how he will react, go the opposite way
  • figure out your own problem hands then use them against your TAG villains
  • hands that check back are hands that are not air but cant face a c/r
  • use good scare cards to valuebet bigger and get them to herotown themselves
  • think in terms of ranges
  • when your hand is defined as very weak, think about what is he trying to achieve? If he had a value hand would he bet like he want to make a bet which enc ourages a fold?

  • LAGS 41/36 pre 49/40 MANIACS anything beyond that
  • 3betting more cbetting more with no consideration to board texture Bad Lags/Maniacs
  • Maniacs mixed bag of bet bet bet
  • requires a very good aware stable state of mind to perform well
  • take them to value town, do not slow down
  • do not look for big folds
  • good to c/r turns ai vs these with tp+ HU especially in 3bet pot = nuts
  • maximize the likelyhood he will put it in with a weak hand with aggressive manuver
  • encourage them to use their aggression against themselves
  • set traps
  • on rivers and wanting to induce, bet an amount that gives them the illusion of FE, especially when you can rep a blocking bet
  • preflop compounds postflop mistakes
  • often playing lags is like a game of chicken
  • big bets are often terrible bluffs

  • look if your playing HU to see how many tbales he is playing
  • look at their other tables to see if they are in another hand to see if they have any decisions
  • dont open 100% of buttons for no reason, HAVE A REASON FOR EVEYTHING YOU DO


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mgamble posted on July 18, 2010 at 21:39 PM


Hey Acombfosho,

I'm pretty new to DC. Just got a 6 month membership. Was looking for threads on Thailand and ran into this blog. Just spent a bit of time reading through.

This might be a bit random, so I hope u don't mind. I'm a 23yo N.Irish guy thinking about moving out to Thailand for a while to see a bit of asia, work on my poker game and generally have a cracking time. I have been beating 6max 50NL for a fair whack for around a year now. Spent my roll on a vegas trip hence no moving up. Will start taking 100nl shots pretty soon.

I just wanted to ask if it was possible/advisable to move to Thailand on a 50NL grinders earnings alone(~$1.5k to $2k per month?)

You seem to know a few poker houses over there. Any rooms opening up around September/October time that would be good for a 23yo 50nl grinder who likes to drink? :)


Acombfosho posted on July 21, 2010 at 15:30 PM


Sent you a PM


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