July 01, 2010

+EV schedule + July Plans

I want to set up a poker schedule which gets the most of our my playing time, the most of my freetime and clears my mental energy/space so that when I am playing I am focus 100% on the job and when I have days off I am 100% free to do anything.
Before I had the idea of treating poker more like a job I just played randomly; sometimes too long, sometimes too little, with generally no pattern whatsoever and it's not helping my poker or my life.

I've thought about it for some time and I realise I need a schedule more than ever now. I've been messing around for the last 23 years. I've never really tried hard at anything and always done OK. I guess my biggest fear would be trying 100% at something, then failing. Now I know it's time to get past that and go for it. Now I decided I love poker and I want to play it forever, I want to get in a good number of hands every month and crush the games.

As a consequence I've been thinking about developing a schedule that guarantees I play at least 50,000 hands a month, yet ensures I have 10 days+ off a month and also has enough breaks in between days that I don't feel like I am constantly playing poker.

I play 100NL and 50PLO 6max tables. 2 of each. I play around 350 hands an hour, therefore I need to play around 140 hours a month.

The plan I have is pretty simple - play 7+ hours a day for two days, then have one full day off.

What is your schedule and what do you think about mine? Do you think having a routine is a good in general? Arai waaaa

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TecmoSuperBowl posted on July 01, 2010 at 19:24 PM


What are you thoughts on PLO? Why did you choose to learn it? Does the variance not scare you considering it seems to be a game of 55/45s? I'm currently trying to decide on what my 2nd game is going to be.

Re: your schedule, as a full-time player, I think you 100% need a disciplined schedule to achieve greatness.

Acombfosho posted on July 04, 2010 at 15:08 PM


Omaha is not all about the 55/45s, but is definately way more swingy. Position way more important, and turn play is like backwards, but definately a good game to add into the mix as its more popular now than ever and more fish like it because they can gamboool preflop any 4 pretty cards and never be in THAT bad shape!

RedHot posted on July 31, 2010 at 14:42 PM


I commend your commitment and I agree planning is going to pay off. Its got me thinking about my own schedule. I play limit 'holdem and so I guess its different. For me, I would worry that I couldn't find 7+ hours of quality play in situations that are +ev. Some times of day are better than others (being in Europe may not help) and aa lot of the time there just aren't enough soft spots. The other concern would be with keeping concentration for over 7 hours in a day. I have done it, but its left me tired and I don't know whether it has had me playing my A game.


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