May 26, 2010

Playing OOP

OOP NOTES: PokerSavvy OOP Series by EDDY

General principles
C/R is typically best play when OOP Heads-up- 1.value 2. Bluff, semi-bluff
value hands- 2pair+
semi -bluff hands – draws, flush draw, striaght draw, two over cards+ gutshot, Two big overcards and bd fd, ttp bdfd- why? because we have equity when called
c/r size? 3.2x-3.5x is best, 3.3333 is the nizzles
Is the player better than you? If yes, then fold more. If no, then call more.
What do you do when u r called on C/R as a bluff?
Think about what the turn card does to your range and his range.

On blanks – check fold – his range improved
On paired turns- check fold – his range improved
On 12+ out turns – Bet 2/3 pot on turn and call off, Jam most rivers if villain can fold
On cards that improve your hand – ie. AKs on T96Ar – choose between c/r and c/c depending on dynamic with reg. If goes ch/ch on turn, bet 1/3 pot for value to get thin value.

What to do when C/R for value when called?
On Blanks, are you ahead of his range, and will he bet as a semi bluff? if so, go for C/R again.. if it goes ch/ch on river are you still ahead, can he bluff? or does he have SD value? If he can bluff, let him and call. If he has SDV, bet and make him call.
On Blanks, you can also bet for value and protection.
On paired turns, image dependent, mostly check fold if thin, if ch/ch turn check call river if draws missed-
Turns – 2/3 as bluff and value, River 1/3 thin value, 2/3 as bluff, Shove as polarized with nuts
When you are deeper, you have more IO, so you can call more even if you think the player is better than you.

When you have been C/R alot, you can start to c/r thinner for value, TPKP, overpairs etc
Middle strength hands that are ahead of villains cbetting range.
Turns, check call with hands like AJo on 742oA
Almost always check on turn and evaluate your strength of your hand vs his 2barrel range.
vs bad players, think about their river bluff sizes, beware of good players going for thin value.
multiway beware of turn bets, check fold unimproved on rivers
1 overcard, call most nice pp’s oop, but check/fold on many turns, especially paired boards
Be aware of your image when C/R turn’s – only do if u have a tight image at the table
Think about how deep you are for IO when ch/calling flops – the deeper the better
think about villains hand range, is it profitable to slowplay? eg, A55r you hold 57s in sb 3way
on c/c flops, then c/r river if turn goes ch/ch and its obvious villain has a weak and thin valuebetting range on the river.
call the times when we cant raise for value, but can call because have enough equity.


  • check most of the time to pfr
  • on turns, evaluate ALWAYS
  • Have an understanding of which type of villain you are playing
  • check/fold alot when equity is LOW
  • check/raise alot when equit wheh called is good and you have many barrel cards
  • check/call when your hand is ahead of villains cbetting range
  • take history into account, recent histroy and table dynamics are more imporant
  • KAP

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