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Musings on Poker Education
by DeathDonkey on almost 10 years ago

“I taught you everything you know, but not everything I know”.  We as poker educators struggle to prove this oft quoted statement of superiority is not necessarily true in our field.  However, I recently read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, which argues that not only is this quo... Read More

The Bay Area’s 3-blind structure for no-limit
by Tommy Angelo on almost 10 years ago

So far this year I’ve been playing almost entirely no-limit hold’em almost entirely at Lucky Chances Casino, near San Francisco. This area of the country lays claim to lots of things that have never existed anywhere else, such as The Golden Gate Bridge, Jerry Garcia, and the triple b... Read More

Two Rights Make a Wrong
by tommy on almost 10 years ago

People say you shouldn’t quit if the game is good. That seems like good advice. And people say you should play in good games. That makes sense too. But if you put those two pieces of advice together — that is, if I only play in good games, and I don’t quit good games — t... Read More

Omaha 8 and the refusal
by Joe Tall on about 10 years ago

Took me a long time (and a lot of money) to learn to play O8 well. At first I thought it was complicated. It isn’t, it’s easy. Stick to playing strong hands that play well in both directions and you will dominate. Now, I used to also think that it was higher variance when I thoug... Read More

Two-Way Bets
by terp on about 10 years ago

In their conventional meaning, two-way bets are an irrational fiction.  Let me define that meaning for those who have not touched the topic: Two-way bet: a bet that in one instance will occasionally induce calls from hands worse than others that your opponent will fold. That is... Read More

Leverage is Your Friend
by BalugaWhale on about 10 years ago

This could also be titled “Why it sucks to get minraised OOP (feat. T-Pain)”  There’s a reason many poker players are fascinated by investing– our day-to-day job is essentially a collection of small investments; he raises UTG, I have 55…. I’ll invest 4bb... Read More

lol sleepaments
by Joe Tall on about 10 years ago

This phenoma occurs when online players are very stuck. They have no idea how tired they are and are locked into a marathon session. Sleep is the most important thing to play your A-game consistently. It is that important. This is really easy to grasp. Think about human evolution, the survival... Read More

Why Good Table Selection is Not Enough
by HLS2k6 on about 10 years ago

You heard it here first: table selection is not important at 6-max limit hold’em. Mere table selection will not make you a winner if you’re just breaking even. Don’t get me wrong, you absolutely need to pay attention to game selection at lower limits to maximize your win-rate and combat ... Read More

3-betting is Overrated
by BalugaWhale on about 10 years ago

Hey y’all I’m chilling at Logan airport in boston waiting for my flight to leave for the British Virgin Islands (supposedly paradise), and so i’m going to write a little bit about why I think 3-betting is overused. Essentially, I think 3-betting is something that average play... Read More

Thoughts about winrates and variance
by jajvirta on about 10 years ago

Yeah, you heard it first from me: decrease your variance by increasing your winrate. A couple of disclaimers. First, "variance" is actually not a "thing." I guess you should call the "thing" dispersion. Variance is just a measure of that. "Decreasing variance" would be something like "making ... Read More

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