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Downswings and the Information Game
by cowpig on almost 10 years ago

About a year ago, during a crushing downswing, I was reading a high-stakes 2+2 thread in which Jman28 was arguing about stop-losses. He said that he didn't set a stop-loss, because he could tell if he was becoming tilted, and could maintain his A game even if he was down several buyins vs the sa... Read More

Something Jack Said
by Tommy Angelo on almost 10 years ago

My friend Jack is from China. When he speaks English, he does so with a very heavy accent, and his word selection has on occasion caused me to reach for my pen to capture the moment. Like this one time… We were playing shorthanded $40-80 limit hold’em in the middle of the night. A ha... Read More

Call or Fold? Stay or Quit?
by Tommy Angelo on almost 10 years ago

Here’s a decision I made in the $10-10-20 no-limit hold’em game at Lucky Chances in the spring, when the minimum buy-in was $2,000. The lineup — what we lovingly call The Breakfast Club — was playing tight and tough, as it so often does. Inevitably, the cards slice deep... Read More

Acting Last
by Tommy Angelo on almost 10 years ago

Acting last is like taking a drink of water. We don’t have to understand why it’s good for us to know that it is. And the benefits are unaffected by our understanding of them. (From “Elements of Poker”) Read More

Value Ranges, Bluff Ranges, and why handreading can be so damn hard
by BalugaWhale on almost 10 years ago

Every poker player can remember improvements in his thought process.  We know how important the decision-making part of poker is, so we have the tendency to jump straight to it.  When we started with poker, it was: “I have an Ace and a Jack, and those are pretty good so i’m... Read More

From the Cutting Room Floor
by Tommy Angelo on almost 10 years ago

This is an image I made in photoshop that I was going to put inside the back cover of my book and then decided not to. Read More

Minimum Wager
by Tommy Angelo on almost 10 years ago

When I play no-limit hold’em, sometimes I’m a minimum wager wagerer. And I don’t mean minimum wager wagerer as in “one who tries to bet the smallest amount that will get them to fold if they have nothing,” such as when the flop is A-A-6 rainbow and a bluffer bets h... Read More

Freeness Airline
by Tommy Angelo on about 10 years ago

On June 19, I woke up in Ohio and I went to bed in California. Meanwhile, there were delays. My flight from Cleveland to Houston was a little late getting off the ground, which gave me only 20 minutes or so to walk from gate E14 to gate C32 at the Houston airport, a distance of eight restrooms... Read More

Ask Me About Music Lessons
by Tommy Angelo on about 10 years ago

When I moved to California in 1997, my bankroll was about $100,000. That was the barrier between floating freely on the breeze, and crash landing in the dank underworld of employeedom. Of this $100,000, about $40,000 of it was in the form of actual money. About $20,000 of it was money that cred... Read More

A Hand I Didn’t Play at Lucky Chances
by Tommy Angelo on about 10 years ago

I was in the big blind in the $10-10-20 game. The player under-the-gun opened the pot for the minimum, $40. He had about $7,000. Everyone folded to the button, who called the $40. He had about $6,000. The small blind folded. It was my turn. My stack was $5,000, and my hand was Q-9 suited. If I w... Read More

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