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The Guiltless Gambler
by Tommy Angelo on over 9 years ago

I’ve been rummaging through dozens of ancient folders on my hard drive, full of half-started articles and unexpanded ideas.  I found a few unpublished finished works that I had totally forgotten about.  “The Guiltless Gambler” is one of those, from about ten years ago.  Enjo... Read More

The Blue Marble
by Tommy Angelo on over 9 years ago

I was 14 years old in 1972 when astronaut Harrison Schmitt aimed a Hasselblad camera out the window of the Apollo 17 spacecraft on its way to the moon and took a photograph of the full earth from 25,000 miles up. NASA dubbed that photo “The Blue Marble”. It showed the world the world, with ... Read More

Surfing and Tilt
by BalugaWhale on over 9 years ago

What’s up guys, I’m here in beautiful Troncones, Mexico, chilling on the beach after an afternoon of surfing in the sun. Actually, while I was surfing it wasn’t going all that well. The past few days, every time I’ve surfed I’ve hit a ton of waves and it’s ... Read More

Forming a postflop plan in limit hold em I:Dry board
by sweetjazz3 on over 9 years ago

You're playing a game of heads up limit hold em.In this hand, you have the button (which is also the small blind) and you open raise with J :club: 4 :club:.The big blind reraises you, and you elect to call.This is a fairly typical way this hand may play out in heads up limit hold em; J4s is a st... Read More

Moving Up
by VINNY VT on over 9 years ago

So you've grinded all those hours at 100nl and are all prepared to move up to 200nl. You've watched countless videos, read the forums, searched for advice from everyone, you have the allotted 30 buy-ins for the new level, and now it's time to take the plunge so you can start making some serious ... Read More

A Smooth Move
by Tommy Angelo on over 9 years ago

There was a period of a couple years, I think it was around 2000 and 2001, when there was a no-limit hold’em game every night in a poker room in San Mateo called Pacific News. The room only had three tables. One of them was used for newspaper reading and dealer break-taking and players in wait... Read More

DIY: Build a Poker PC
by MrMillions on over 9 years ago

Part I – Choosing the components. By MrMillions Last Updated October 10th, 2008. 1. Introduction This is a guide to building a poker PC. Following Entity’s advice in his “Secure your computers” article, this will be a dedicated poker build. Whilst a dedicated poker P... Read More

The Butoff
by Tommy Angelo on over 9 years ago

(This blog post is an article that is in the October 2008 issue of BLUFF Magazine.) The Butoff Words lag behind what they label. For example, the blogosphere was well past infancy before the word “blogosphere” existed. Bad beats were around long before the term “bad beat” was. And “t... Read More

Secure your computers!
by Entity on over 9 years ago

This is a topic that has been covered in general before (best by KyleB/coldcaller — for a great comprehensive look at online security look at this thread by KyleB and this blog post by Nat Arem), but I figured I'd post about what programs I use to help w/my security.  Any time you're ... Read More

Butchering 72o
by Tommy Angelo on over 9 years ago

Have you ever played a hand so bad that you just can’t let it go? During the session you keep thinking about it. The next day you keep thinking about it. It’s like a festering infection. It’s like the first time somebody put those trick candles in your birthday cake. You b... Read More

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