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Assume the Position
by Tommy Angelo on over 8 years ago

You’re playing live poker and you just folded before the flop. You’ve got a minute or two, maybe longer, before you get more cards. What to do? What to do? You could watch TV. You could turn the volume up on your headphones. You might order a beverage, or converse with a player... Read More

On the EV of Mouse Smashing
by Tommy Angelo on over 8 years ago

I just got off the phone with a mouse smasher. Or you could call him a mouse masher. (It sounds the same either way, whether you are saying it, or doing it.) I’m going to call him Humphrey. The topic was poker coaching. During the conversation, Humphrey asked some questions I had heard be... Read More

Wasting Away in Badugiville
by Matt Flynn on over 8 years ago

As if we needed further proof that the apocalypse is on us, PokerStars has opened badugi tables. Dozens of previously respectable players have flocked from the corners of the pokerverse. And wow, they play bad. I have been sorely tempted to teach my 7-year-old badugi, but my wife is Irish and... Read More

Tilt As a Physiological Reaction
by Lysistrata on almost 9 years ago

There are obvious differences between men and women that don't involve genitalia or chromosomes. One such difference is how men latch onto completely inconsequential, contrived things and become completely competitive about them and have a great time. Women, for the most part, are totally unable... Read More

I Love Badugi
by Matt Flynn on almost 9 years ago

A call came in a few months ago on a Wednesday. “Hey, Doc, we got a badugi game Friday. Come play. Blinds start at $200-$400. Should be a full table.” The game had been going for a couple of weeks. Several of the regulars were familiar to me. They were players, guys who had paper ... Read More

Poker and Mindfulness
by Tommy Angelo on almost 9 years ago

Six of the eight episodes of The Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenment have aired at DeucesCracked.com. (Here’s a blog post that answer the question, “Huh?”) I’ve been answering lots of questions at the message boards at DeucesCracked.com. Today’s blog post is a revised version of a ... Read More

by Tommy Angelo on almost 9 years ago

Heedless. Is that a beautiful word or what? It takes something that’s hard to put into words, and puts it into one. Here’s are some synonyms I found online: careless, negligent, thoughtless, unthinking, inattentive, unmindful, and unobservant. Those last two especially made me want... Read More

An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse, But Did Anyway
by Tommy Angelo on about 9 years ago

Many of my conversations with my buddy Alex begin similarly: Hi. Whatsup. How you doing. It doesn’t matter who starts the initial hellos. All that matters is who ends them. If I start talking next, the conversation can start anywhere and go anywhere. If Alex starts talking next, it goes l... Read More

Why I Don’t Talk about Hands When I’m Playing
by Tommy Angelo on about 9 years ago

I’ve made a new friend at Lucky Chances. His name is Django. (Pronounced Jango.) He’s a young, instantly likable player, very sharp and well-respected. The first dozen times we played together was in early 2007 when I played a few times a week for a few months. It was right afte... Read More

by Tommy Angelo on about 9 years ago

The first time Andy slithered into our little snake pit, he had no chance. Not because he was drooping around like someone who had washed down his quaaludes with Jack Daniels, and not because he lacked basic card sense. There was no way to tell if he did or not. That’s because this was his f... Read More

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