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I don't do this often
by Entity on over 10 years ago

10/20 game a few days ago. I open with 6s6d in LMP, the SB 3bets. He's a tough aggressive player, but seems to spew a bit at times. Is certainly capable of moves. I call. The flop is Qc8c5c. He bets, and I call quickly. My RIO aren't all that great on this sort of board if I intend to sho... Read More

Stats so far, and a bit of a comment on rake…
by Entity on over 10 years ago

But for those following stats or whatnot. So far, only 250 hands or so of play. I'm running at 22/19/2, and am up about 5bb. Yay. Even with a limited sample I can say, fairly comfortably, that even with the prohibitive rake that is charged on these sites at this limit you could still easily ... Read More

Ran Good, Ran Bad
by beset on over 10 years ago

Despite the fact that my main games for the last couple years have extremely high variance, I had not had a losing month for over two years up until January.  A lot of this is a function of anal game selection and playing a ton of hands each month.  Since I started playing for a living... Read More

Update: Commerce still a zoo
by DeathDonkey on over 10 years ago

I went up to Commerce on Thursday night with my brother for some poker action and to see the many guys I know who have made their way to town for the tournament action.  I played in amazing 100/200 games all trip, but Thursday night in particular I ran up 12k in a great game, and then proce... Read More

Six Plus Holdem
by DCadmin on about 2 years ago

Some of you might have heard about the new 'Six Plus Holdem' game-type which is becoming increasingly popular thanks hype from Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan (recently publicized on 2+2), two regulars of the game in Macau. It's a fascinating game, and one which is just recently being introduced to some ... Read More

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