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Artichoke Joe's Trip Report 1
by DJ Sensei on over 10 years ago

So i've been in San Francisco for about 2 months playing no limit texas hold them for a living, but haven't yet played the so called "big game" of the area, the 5-5-10 game at artichoke joes. The minimum buyin to the game is $2000, and its uncapped. This is amazing, because it means there are th... Read More

Las Vegas new years trip report, part one
by DJ Sensei on over 10 years ago

I flew into Vegas on December 27th, and headed straight for the house. Vanessa (fslexcduck) had arranged it for like a dozen of us, so I had high hopes. Well, once the cabbie finally figured out where the house was, I was kinda blown away by how big it was. It was pretty much two houses stuck to... Read More

2-7 Triple Draw Strategic Play
by DeathDonkey on over 10 years ago

 Once you are familiar with the basics of 2-7 triple draw lowball (TDL), you will almost certainly fall into one of two extremes, both of which have their faults and are exploitable.  Many new TDL players tend to always try and make the nuts, or as close to the nuts as they can ge... Read More

2nd day in vegas
by fslexcduck on over 10 years ago

2 days before new years, and here we are in this mansion. it’s seriously ridiculous… i’m going to take some pictures but i don’t have a usb cord with me so i’ll have to add them in when i get back from PCA. it’s 10,000 square feet, and all one floor… s... Read More

off to the land of the live pokers…
by fslexcduck on over 10 years ago

welcome to my blog! hopefully i will keep this exciting and entertaining enough for everyone. i will be including a bunch of poker strategy and then assorted other crap from my life. the assorted other crap actually contributes a lot to my life so i hope to pull it in and make it relevant as ... Read More

Silver white winters that melt into springs
by krantz on over 10 years ago

How to Deal: Big Wins and Big Losses To many of you on the outside, a professional online poker player’s lifestyle looks glamorous: we work from home, have a lot of money, and can wake up at 1pm on any given day and not have to answer to anyone. We have it easy. This article is for those... Read More

pr1nnyraiding: a heads-up strategy
by KRANTZ on over 10 years ago

This is a work in progress. How do you play heads-up No-Limit? You raise your button regardless of your cards (raising creates pressure). until you have a reason not to. You don’t fold top pair (because 2-handed no one ever has anything). until you have a reason to. You bluff a lot ... Read More

The art of the hypothetical
by Entity on over 10 years ago

I noticed something today while I was talking about a pretty simple hand today with a friend. The hand really isn't all that important but the discussion we had — or at least the process behind the question — was. The hand itself was pretty boring and would've gotten a one word r... Read More

Bit of live 40/80
by DeathDonkey on over 10 years ago

I went to Ocean's Saturday night hopeful for 75/150 action but the place was dead. I wound up playing short 40/80 and ran ridiculously bad right away, losing 3 racks before I won a pot that saw the turn.  My favorite of them was I raised ATs, fish called in bb.  Flop was KT7 he check/c... Read More

LHE players learning PLO
by beset on over 10 years ago

Below is a post I made to a mid stakes shorthanded LHE player who was asking about mid-limit PLO game quality and what advice people might have for a LHE player looking to learn PLO. Given the large population of LHE players here I thought this might interest you all. Games and Bankroll. The ... Read More

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